Christmas Box 2009

BBC One Wales - Christmas 2009

On December 12th 2009, the annual Christmas presentation went to air on the BBC. Not a surprise to anyone this time round, given it had been heavily spoiled in the runup via Youtube, the main ident features the centrepiece of the schedule, Doctor Who, now with a festive slant. Shown here is the Welsh Variant, almost identical to the network, save for the obvious added word.

BBC One Wales (News) - Christmas 2009

Also from the Welsh variant, a second version of the ident was produced for usage before news, this time featuring only a calm shot of the sky. Many of the networks were caught out by the Tsunami disaster several years earlier, finding having only cheerful idents for use into serious news highly awkward.

BBC One Wales - Christmas 2009

As had become common with previous years of the BBC's christmas presentation, several short stings were introduced for usage between promos. This one features the breath of a reindeer forming the BBC One Wales logo.

BBC One Wales (Promo) - Christmas 2009

A festive trailer, tweaked for the Welsh presentation of BBC One. Seasonal trailers across all the BBC channels for Christmas 2009 shared the same 'floating cubes' forming the BBC logo, but with each channel stamping its own style on subsequently.

BBC Two Wales - Christmas 2009

What with budget cutbacks and recessions and similar... it was no surprise in 2009 when the BBC dug out the same BBC Two idents again for the third year running, albeit slightly tweaked to move the BBC Two box to the other side of the screen. Shown here is the Welsh variant.

BBC Two - Christmas 2009

And just incase you've had your head under a rock for several years, and not already seen it, the network variant of the gremlin paper cutout ident....

BBC Two Wales (Promo) - Christmas 2009

Trailers saw a little bit more change to them for 2009, with the new endboard style being used, as well as the shared floating cubes for the BBC logo.

CBBC - Christmas 2009

Festive presentation on the CBBC Channel for 2009 also followed a similar style to that of 2008, with a mashup of christmas pictures making up the CBBC letters, before finishing with the same jingle of that time. This particular ident was marked as being the creation of a viewer.

CBBC (Promo) - Christmas 2009

The trailer style for CBBC was also very similar to their 2008 package... only updated (rather badly) to include the floating BBC cubes element, shared across all the channels for Christmas 2009.

CBeebies - Christmas 2009

Christmas 2009 on CBeebies and the presentation was similar to 2008, with the yellow bugs getting an added touch of sparkle.

CBeebies (Promo) - Christmas 2009

A festive promo for the CBeebies Channel, twinned with Rocky Biscuits. And yes... the floating BBC Cubes even popped up here, just incase any eagle eyed 4 year olds chanced to notice it!

CITV - Christmas 2009

ITV's Christmas Presentation for 2009 was fairly sparse, though there is a recession going on! ITV1 saw a rehash of the same 2008 package, whilst ITV2 didn't even see any cheap sparkles added to their logo for once. ITV3/4 were similarly neglected. The CITV Channel saw more effort, probably as the channel's main branding had only changed a few months earlier and christmas is probably one time children's channels aren't short on budgets!. An example of one of the idents here.

CITV (Promo) - Christmas 2009

Channel promos saw no expense spared, with snowflakes added over the top. Bright yellow backgrounds for children's presentation hasn't been done before either...

CITV (Break) - Christmas 2009

The break bumper for the channel sees a similar addition of snow for the season.

CITV (Break 2) - Christmas 2009

A second break bumper, once again with snow over the top.

E4 (Break) - Christmas 2009

Inkeeping with their stance for the past 4 years, 2009 saw no christmas presentation for Channel 4. Rather more quietly though, their sister channel E4 saw their usual user submitted E-Stings replaced by a series of festive stings with 2 characters... though don't ask me what they are! In this version, a snowy scene and a set of drums feature. This whole set of stings was to reappear years later for Christmas 2016.

E4 (Break) - Christmas 2009

A second version, on the railway, in the snow...

E4 (Break) - Christmas 2009

Having a dance... in the snow...

E4 (Break) - Christmas 2009

And finally, a bus stop, an E4 umbrella, and some snow... with... predictable results...

E4 (Break) - Christmas 2009

A completely different style to this one, set against a sparkly and shiny purple background, the two characters dance festively.

S4C (Lighthouse) - Christmas 2009

The Welsh counterpart for Channel 4 takes a different stance on christmas presentation, with an entire package of idents, promos and menus put together. In this ident, stars fly through rivers and hills, before finishing at a lighthouse.

S4C (City) - Christmas 2009

A second ident, where stars fly through city streets, before finishing right by someone's house.

S4C (City) - Christmas 2009

A shorter third ident, with stars flying and finishing on top of a christmas tree... logically!

S4C (Menu) - Christmas 2009

A festive menu from S4C.

S4C (Promo) - Christmas 2009

A promo for the Welsh channel, with snippets of stars, and a festive endboard.

Five (Pond) - Christmas 2009

A series of 3 animated idents came from Five for 2009, featuring a band of robins. In this version, hunting for worms reveals a pond in the snow.

Five (News) - Christmas 2009

Similar to the BBC, Five kept a more sedate ident for usage before the news bulletins.

Fiver - Christmas 2009

2009 from Fiver saw a pres package based upon the 2008 look, with coloured lights.

Virgin1 (Tree) - Christmas 2009

Virgin1, the replacement for FTN after Virgin Media came onto the scene, saw an unusually large christmas package for such a small channel in 2009. As well as a series of idents, multiple bumpers and tweaked ECPs and trailer styles were brought out. In this ident, the channel's short-lived mascot Red sits atop a christmas tree.

Virgin1 (Merry Christmas Greeting) - Christmas 2009

A merry christmas holding page. Not officially an ident usually being flashed up as a break bumper, but on occasions it would be announced over as such.

Virgin1 (Chimney) - Christmas 2009

Red's feet dangle from the chimney in another Virgin1 ident, before finishing with a zoom in on a Virgin1 christmas card.



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