BBC Two (Pre 1991)

BBC2 was launched in 1964, officially meaning it was the third, and not the second UK channel. Despite this, it has become known and loved as the UK's second channel. Over the years, the channel has been the springboard for many popular shows, which subsequently moved to the 'Big Sister' BBC1. In more recent years, much of it's original remit has been spread more thinly with the launch of BBC Three and BBC Four... although with the later clos... er... 'moving online' of BBC Three in 2016, it could regain some of what originally made it distinctive.

BBC2 (1982-1985)

BBC2 1982

This was hailed by the BBC, as it was one of the first computer generated idents in the UK. This version is a static one, but there was an animated version, formed from left to right.

BBC2 (Next) - 1983

An example of a BBC2 next slide from 1983, here promoting their international film on the channel. A simple static slide, from the days before flashy computer graphics were widely available.

BBC2 (Closedown) - 1983

The late John Glover closes down BBC2 for the night in April 1983, taking a look at the schedules for the next day first, before playing us out some soothing music over slides of butterflies.

BBC2 Closedown 1984

And a shutdown from the era of the above ident, showing the clock.

BBC2 (Slide) - 1986

Another next slide from the '2' era here promoting a show later that night. By this point this design had little over a month left on the air.

BBC2 (Promo) - 1986

A trailer from 1986 for the BBC2 drama film series 'Screen Two'. Running for 5 series on BBC2, before transferring to BBC1, the series consisted of various one-off television dramas. This week, from series 2, it's a tale of trainspotters.

BBC2 (Promo) - 1986

Another Screen Two promo from the next film in that series, Insurance Man. Although in a sign of how inconsistent trailers were, this one features neither the =2= logo nor the 'Screen Two' logo that had been used the previous week. At this point, the TWO rebrand was also just around the corner though.

TWO (1986-1991)

BBC2 1986 - TWO

In March 1986, a new computer generated ident appeared on BBC2, or rather 3 subtle variations of the same one. For the first time in its history, the ident didn't have a numerical '2'. Instead it was made up from the actual word 'TWO'. In the regular variant, the wording would fade in from a white background, however this version shows the letters fading out instead version - and actually rendered differently, not just the same ident played in reverse. Again, Thanks to James for the clip.

BBC2 (Promo) - 1986

A colourful promo from BBC2 in 1986 (which looks like it possibly escaped from the titles from Bruce's Play Your Cards Right), here promoting a new series of The Natural World on the channel. All TWO branding appears to have been thrown out the window for this one.

BBC Two (Next) - 1986

A static next slide for BBC Two, promoting an airing of Mission Impossible.

BBC2 Schools Slide - 1986

The first of 2 BBC School Slides with music from 1986. Has someone bought the BBC a new Casio keyboard?

BBC2 Schools Slide - 1986

Different programme, different music.

BBC2 Radio 4 VHF - 1986

Aired on BBC2, a static slide advertising what's currently on Radio 4 VHF FM.

BBC2 1987 - TWO

A static version of the TWO ident.

BBC2 Next Slide - 1987

The first of two BBC2 next boards now.

BBC Two (Closedown) - 1987

David Allan closes down BBC Two once more in the early hours of Christmas Eve 1987. Looking ahead to the programmes coming on from 6am, as well as the weather, before wishing all a goodnight from everyone at The Television Centre over the TWO clock.

BBC2 (Slide) - 1987

A very bland and offbrand slide for BBC2 from 28th January 1987, taking a look at two shows coming up later on the channel. Being announced here by the CA over on BBC1.

BBC2 Next Slide - 1988

...and here is another next board from the 'TWO' era.

BBC Two (Promo) - 1988

The BBC promote a raft of new shows coming to BBC Two for the start of Autumn 1988, using the tagline 'New on Two'. Featuring projected images to top and tail the promotion.

BBC Two (Slide) - 1990

From late in the 'TWO' era, an updated slide style for the channel. Here being used to inform viewers of what is on the next episode of Saturday Night Clive.

BBC Two - 1990

The forward-facing version of the TWO ident, with the letters appearing from white.

BBC Two (DEF II) - 1990

DEF II was an evening programming strand on BBC Two which ran from 1988 through to 1994. It was aimed at a teenage audience, long before other mediums were readily available to cater to the audience sector, providing a mix of original content and American imports. Here features the introductory graphic sequence to one of the segments from 1990.



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