BBC Four 2021-Present

On October 20th 2021, the majority of the BBC's adult domestic channels underwent a refresh to bring in an updated BBC blocks logo, with placement designed to be consistent across channels to allow for a smoother flow. BBC Four, usually a neglected channel in the BBC family, saw a little more change than the others from this date. The quadrants feature, which had often been missed on later idents up to 2021, was brought back to the fore despite the boxed logo no longer sitting in the centre. New idents were added to the set following this style, albeit without some of the clever optical illusion effects that had been seen in the earliest idents and instead just slightly offset footage used. These were mixed in with quadrant idents which had been added to the channel's rotation in later years. Any which had not featured the quadrant style at all up to 2021, such as their 'Born Digital' set were dropped completely.

BBC Four (Bridge) - 2021

BBC Four was the only channel of all the BBC family to see new idents to coincide with the brand refresh on October 20th 2021, in addition to some refreshed existing ones. The four quadrant motif was retained, despite the BBC logo no long being in the centre point of it, but with new scenes added in to the mix. Here bridge footage makes up the sequence.

BBC Four (Art Gallery) - 2021

An art gallery scene makes up another new ident for BBC Four, introduced on October 20th 2021. Almost inkeeping with the original idea behind the idents, slightly different pieces can be seen in some quadrants, rather than it just being the same footage offset slightly as with many of the other later BBC Four idents.

BBC Four (Music) - 2021

The third new ident for BBC Four for their October 2021 refresh was reserved for their Friday night music programming, and features a speaker, very reminiscent of their coloured paint and speaker ident from the previous set.

BBC Four (Saturday Night Drama) - 2021

Saturday Night Dramas (or Thrills as referred to by continuity) on BBC Four were to see a fourth new ident for 2021, rather than just one of the existing ones refreshed with the new logo. Unlike previous special idents for Saturday nights, this one is designed to bring in the original 'four quadrants' theme as well.

BBC Four (Blossoms) - 2021

As well as the new idents introduced, from October 2021 a series of the later additions to the set were re-edited with the updated BBC Four branding. Here the tree blossoms ident, as had originally been seen during BBC Four's Japan Season, before being reintroduced to regular rotation later.

BBC Four (Houses) - 2021

The refreshed version of the 'Houses' ident for BBC Four, used from October 20th 2021.

BBC Four (Mount Fuji) - 2021

Another ident originally from the channel's Japan Season before being added to regular rotation later, and which was then retained after the refresh. The ident featuring Mount Fuji is refreshed with the new BBC Four branding from October 2021.

BBC Four (Forest) - 2021

The forest ident, originally added in 2016, is updated with the new BBC Four branding from October 2021.

BBC Four (Space) - 2021

Another new ident for BBC Four brought in with the refresh, albeit not appearing until early November, featured a space scene with the four quadrant effect applied.

BBC Four (20 Years) - 2022

The first link of the evening on the 20th anniversary of BBC Four, aired at 7pm on March 2nd 2022. Most junctions from that evening would also make a verbal reference to the occasion.

Christmas 2021

BBC Four (Reindeer) - Christmas 2021

Although the October 2021 rebrand had been kind to BBC Four for new idents, it had to be balanced out somewhere with the result being reuse of the previous Christmas idents just updated with the new BBC logo. Here the reindeer ident.

BBC Four (Igloo) - Christmas 2021

The Igloo ident for BBC Four also made a reappearance for Christmas 2021, now complete with the refreshed BBC blocks.

BBC Four (Reindeer 2) - Christmas 2021

Another Reindeer ident from the BBC Four Christmas set, updated in 2021 with the new BBC logo.

BBC Four (Fireplace) - Christmas 2021

The cosy fireplace ident made a return for BBC Four in Christmas 2021, updated like the others with the new BBC logo.



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