Happy New Year 2018

A short feature with a selection of junctions from around the BBC nations and various other channels as they marked the crossover from 2017 to 2018.

BBC One NI (Last 2017) - Christmas 2017

The last announcement for 2017 from the Northern Ireland team, before leading us into the New Year. Also signalling the end of the Christmas presentation for BBC One (one special airing post New Year excepted).

BBC One NI (First 2018) - 2018

The first announcement for 2018 from Northern Ireland, aired shortly before 1am on BBC One and welcoming us into the New Year from the local team. Unlike Wales and Network, NI didn't air the new Drone Racers ident in this first junction instead going with the Night Kayakers ident to mark the return to regular Oneness presentation.

BBC One (Drone Racers) - 2018

With the dawn of the new year, a return to the regular Oneness idents for BBC One as they wish us a Happy New Year in the first announcement. The first ident to air on network being a new one - Drone Racers. An ident which had originally been produced back in Summer 2017, but then held back until the start of the following year.

BBC One Wales (Last 2017) - Christmas 2017

The last link from BBC One Wales for 2017, aired around 11.20pm on New Years Eve, and also marking the last regular use of the Christmas idents. There would be no announcement from Wales post-midnight, with them airing a silent version of Drone Racers before crashing back into the network feed instead.

BBC One Wales (Drone Racers Mistake) - 1/1/2018

A slightly bumpy junction around the first Drone Racers ident on BBC One Wales. After the end of the New Year 2018 programme, an initial trailer is played out by Wales, followed by a clean playout of the new Wales branded Drone Racer ident. After this they crash back in to the network feed partway through the next network trailer, before giving us a brief glimpse of the generic BBC blocks. Start off 2018 as you mean to go on!

BBC One Scotland (Hogmanay Build Up) - Christmas 2017

Due to the greater significance of New Year in Scotland, BBC One Scotland airs a different schedule to the rest of the network to cover their Hogmanay celebrations. The build up continuity link from shortly before 10pm on the 31/12/2017.

BBC One Scotland (Last 2017) - Christmas 2017

The last continuity link from BBC One Scotland for 2017 from around 11.30pm, leading in to their Hogmanay show.

BBC One Scotland (First 2018) - Christmas 2017

Due to their opted out schedule, BBC One Scotland had one additional airing of the Christmas ident into the 12.30am junction. However being their first link of the New Year, it was still used to wish everyone a Happy New Year 2018 from the Scottish team.

BBC One Scotland (Wild Campers) - 2018

Being on a slightly different schedule due to the Hogmanay celebrations, BBC One Scotland got to air the new Wild Campers ident before network shortly after 1.30am on the 1st January. Another ident that had been filmed some months prior and had even made it onto the BBC Creative case study.

BBC One (First Good Morning) - 2018

Banger Racers was used post-Breakfast to start off the first day of 2018 on BBC One. After welcoming people to the New Year, the scripted reason for the choice of ident was revealed to lead into the New Years Day film. Although the other nations had their own announcements for this junction, they followed the same script from the network.

BBC Two NI (1996) - Christmas 2017

Originally from Christmas 1996, but updated for Christmas 2016 and 2017 by BBC Two Northern Ireland. This ident was used for Northern Ireland's last junction before the New Year on December 31st, and also marked the last regular use of the Christmas ident for 2017.

BBC Two (First 2018) - 2018

Aired around 1.45am on 1/1/2018, Optics was used to welcome people to the New Year on BBC Two. By this point the nations had gone to bed for the second channel and were taking network continuity.

ITV (Scales) - Christmas 2017

ITV welcomes us in to the New Year at 9.25 on January 1st 2018, over another Christmas ident this time showing someone weighing themselves on some scales.

Dave (Hamster Bowls 2) - 2017

Continuity on Dave reminding us of how close things are to New Year 2018 now over a variation of the Hamster Bowling ident. In this version, the hamster rolls off to the top right of the screen.

Dave (Parking - Warden) - 2017

The final continuity link of 2017 from Dave, and a fairly low key Happy New Year from the channel. It's another variation of the parking ident used here, this time with the horse getting a ticket written out by a Traffic Warden.



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