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On October 28th 2022, although there was still a split between Carlton and Granada in ownership of most of the regions, a new centralised ITV1 service for England and Wales was launched, spelling the end of regional names before most programming as well as bringing everyone the same continuity from London. A new ident package featuring celebrities from the channel filmed 'candidly' on a yellow and blue set was introduced.

From this point, regional shows would continue to be introduced by modified versions of these idents (or completely new ones for some ex-Carlton regions), and promos would continue to be produced locally with the exception of London which would lose both the LWT and Carlton names. Even this remaining regional throwback would gradually dwindle over the following 3-4 years.

ITV (IACGMOOH Break) - 2002

One of several special ITV breakbumpers used ahead of the very first series of I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here in August 2002, in the very last days before the full ITV1 national branding launched a few months later.

ITV (IACGMOOH Break) - 2002

Another breakbumper used on ITV to promote the first series of I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here in August 2002, devoid of all regional mentions shortly before the full national branding would come in in the October.

ITV1 2002 First Promo

At 9.25 on the first day, a minute long promotion heralding the new brand went out, showing 'behind the scenes' filming of the idents, and finishing with a solemn black version to lead into Trisha.

ITV1 2002 Break Bumper

The new break bumper...

ITV1 2002 Ant and Dec

The first new ident. Aired at 10.30 before 'This Morning', it features Ant and Dec (the one which has been used most extensively in the pre-launch marketing by ITV).

ITV1 (Promo) - 2002

Another ITV1 advert, shown just before 1pm on the first day of the centralised ITV celebrity look, and giving us a look at the new endboard.

ITV1 2002 Ant and Dec 2

Apparently there were others shown, but I didn't see any new idents again until 1pm... oh look! It's Ant and Dec again! Isn't that imaginative!

ITV1 2002 Trevor McDonald

Into the gameshow 'Never Had It So Good' was an ident featuring Trevor McDonald. Um... nice to see the ident bearing some resemblance to the program!

ITV1 (Promo) - 2002

Another advert, broadcast just before 2.30pm on the first day of the ITV1 Celeb look, for the program 'Mr Right' - another show which didn't rate too well for ITV in the end. This one uses the full new graphics package to present time, day, channel etc.

ITV1 2002 ECP

One of the better aspects of the relaunch can be seen here. Out with the idea of generic credits. Now, credits are designed so they can be shrunk to a column, allowing the announcer to advertise a programme menu on the right. Notice the slight cheating with regards to the regional news, simply saying 'News Hour' onscreen, with the announcer advertising 'The latest news from your region'. This is from the end of Popstars, at just before 5.30pm.

ITV1 2002 Cilla Black

Leading into Family Fortunes at 5.30pm on the first day, we got to see Cilla Black.

ITV1 2002 Frank Skinner

Not from the launch day, some other new 'celebrity' idents. Where I know who the people are, I have included their names. This one features Frank Skinner.

ITV1 2002 Frank Skinner 2

Another version with that same man.

ITV1 2002 Geri/Pete

Geri Haliwell and Pete Whatshisname feature in this ident. This is the Christmas variant, hence their cheap stars-flying-around-the-logo edit.

ITV1 2002 Tess/Brian

Tess Daly and Brian Dowling, from SMTV Live, making a complete fool of themselves for ITV1's idents. This is also a Christmas version.

ITV1 2002 The Bill

Diane Parish and Jane Danson from The Bill feature in the short version of this ident, with some token festive adornments.

ITV1 (The Bill) - 2003

Diane Parish and Jane Danson star again in the long version of The Bill celebrity ident, this time without the festive branding.

ITV1 2002 Des 'O Connor

A different Des in a different ITV1 ident.

ITV1 2002 Des Lynam

Des Lynam stands around doing nothing in this ITV1 ident.

ITV1 2002 Hermione Norris

Another ITV1 ident with Hermione Norris, well known for her ITV work in Wire in the Blood and Cold Feet.

ITV1 2002 - Robbie Earle

Robbie Earle stars in this 2002 celeb ident for ITV1.

ITV1 2002 Mary Nightingale

Mary Nightingale, the news reader, features in this ident.

ITV1(Keira Knightley) - 2002

Keira Knightley stars in another celebrity ident from the initial 2002-2003 batch for ITV1.

ITV1 (Chris Tarrant) - 2002

Chris Tarrant decides to be a pest to the hardworking man trying to sweep the floor in this short form-up ident.

ITV1 (Promo) - Christmas 2002

The lacklustre re-edit done to the idents for the first Christmas post-centralisation may have looked awful. However ITV had some nicely done graphics in use on the promos. This is a typical example with the reindeer.... looking at those damn shooting stars again!

ITV Sport (Sting) - 2002

In keeping with the new look ITV1, this brilliant sports sting was introduced. Featuring a very different style to the ITV1 idents themselves.

ITV Drama Premieres (Sting) - 2003

A short computer animated sting, used to lead into Drama Premieres aired on ITV.

ITV1 Generic Long 2003

Whereas they used celebrities at first, ITV soon adopted a policy of using their nice flashy generic ident into all News programming. This is the long version.

ITV1 Generic Short 2003

As with all of the celebrity idents, there's also a short version of the Generic ident. Thanks to Ashley again for the clip.

ITV1 Brits 2003

Hmm.... for Christmas 2002, where the idents were in use for several days, ITV went to the great expense of adding a few shooting stars around their logo. For a one night event (ie The Brit Awards), they produced several new special idents, some featuring musical acts, and another dull version featuring the hideously overused Davina McCall. Priorities anyone? Bah humbug!

ITV1 2003 - Im a Celebrity...

Another special ident, this time used to promote ITV's programme 'I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here!' in 2003. The ident features the Koala puppets, which had been used extensively in the pre-launch programme marketing, and was used into the junction of nearly every programme on the first and last days of the show.



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