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17 years ago in March 2001, TV Whirl launched onto the internet. With only a small selection of really small RealMedia clips showing some television history, it was a muted launch, but it was the starting block for something much bigger. With barely a day or two break usually due to hosting issues, the site has been online ever since, and grown to provide a mix of both contemporary and historic branding, programmes and adverts, but with a unique independent twist - meaning what you get are the often acerbic opinions of a single person!

Throughout this time we've been written off by many including some quite big names, but we've continue undeterred, branching out into new directions and adding unique features like the original teletext broadcasts to many areas of the site. And rest assured, lots more is still to come in the future as we head into our next years on the internet.

~ Terence, TV Whirl Webmaster (Yes, still rocking that term 'Webmaster' like it's 2001)

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