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Latest News - 2/1/2021

Welcome to a brand new year on TV Whirl, and we look forward to what is hopefully going to be a much better year for everyone than 2020 was in the end. It'll also be our 20th year in March, with the site having launched in 2001 now.

To kick off the new year we've had quite a few things already. January 1st saw the launch of a new year of ITV Creates, and January 2nd saw us hit 1000 days of unbroken updates to the site. It's hard to actually believe it has been so long, but I trust the automated algorithm to not lie to me.

Additionally, we're back with our special round-the-broadcasters New Year feature for the fourth year running. Taking a look at how as many broadcasters as possible chose to ring in the New Year - and not surprisingly looking forward to a better 2021 and trying to get out of 2020 was a theme which featured heavily.

Happy New Year 2021!

~ Terence, TV Whirl Webmaster

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