~ TV Whirl - Latest Updates (4/6/2017) ~

For those more eagle eyed among you, the Teletext section of the site has now been promoted to the main menu to coincide with the adding of a new page for the first BBC Ceefax services. As it is fast becoming such a popular area of TV Whirl, it seemed only fitting it got a prime place up the top there, and it means I'm now well prepared for adding in the other non ITV channels in an easy to find location. I've also been working on a lot of improvements to workflow to try and help get more text services online quicker - so keep your fingers crossed that works out!

As well as that, there have been a few bumper clip and image updates recently to patch in some of the presentation from various channels that I'd been a bit lax on over the past few years. I'd still been gathering a lot of it, but never got round to uploading it. Well, starting with BBC One, I'm finally starting to address that. You know, just incase you've somehow not seen the million other pres sites or Youtube channels which already have everything recent well covered.

~ Terence


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