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A lot of work has been continuing on the site the past few weeks, with quite a few bits and pieces changing under the hood with the new site. Images have been improved and a lot of content has been rewritten, although there is still a lot more of that to work through. A few new features have been added too. On every player page, you can now 'upvote' clips. Whilst I personally hate this sort of Facebook-ism, the idea behind this is that over time it'll indicate the sorts of things people want to see more of on the site, so I know to focus more time on getting hold of it!

As well as that, there's been a small addition to the Latest Updates so you can now subscribe to this as an RSS feed. Just incase you're one of those people who still uses RSS feeds. On the subject of old things people don't use much anymore, the Guestbook has been updated both to reduce spambots and to better hide email addresses on there. For the younger among you, Guestbooks were like a big book guests would sign, long before it was possible for everyone to 'connect' on Facebook or Twitter or Google Pl... okay, maybe not that last one.

There are some new clips going on the site at the moment too. I noticed the ITV National Weather content seemed to have gotten lost somewhere, although I've no idea exactly where, so over the next few days I'm replacing this and also have some new additions to put on there as well.

~ Terence


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