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Latest News - 7/4/2019

With our latest addition in the form of the German version of DMAX, we're coming to a close on our special March feature which takes a whistlestop tour across Europe for March 2019, celebrating presentation from across our fellow neighbours (and yes following current trends, we decided to extend this a little way into April too in the end... but we're not planning to just keep extending it).

European Channel Roundup - March 2019

However this won't be the end of our European coverage on the site - a lot of this, in particular for Germany, is planned to be worked in to the existing pages with our foreign section seeing expanding coverage from outside 2019 over the coming months. Inbetween other UK channels we're still adding, and refreshes on ones we already cover, there's a lot still to come on the site as we enter our 18th year now online.

~ Terence, TV Whirl Webmaster

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