~ TV Whirl - 16ness (22/3/2001 - 22/3/2017) ~

16 years ago on March 22nd 2001, the then named Terence's TV World quietly launched onto Geocities with a small selection of 44 video files in RealVideo format. 16 years later, and whilst many other sites have come and go in that time, and the likes of Youtube have risen out of nothing, somehow TV Whirl is still here. Somewhat bigger and more mature now, with around 1500 videos covering everything from television, and being one of the earliest sites to ditch RealMedia in favour of the more broadly supported MP4 format. I don't ever profess to have a big team updating the site, with the majority of the site still maintained by the same one person with the occasional contributions from others. But what has kept the site going over all these years is a passion to preserve a bit of history which could all too easily have been lost.

TV Whirl has covered a lot of events and changes in the time the site has been online. From covering the launch of ITV1 in August 2001 and the Yellow 2's in November 2001, right through to more recent lacklustre events such as the brand new Channel 4 look, and it's safe to say design has moved on a lot over the years (unless you're BBC2). Who knows what else there'll be to cover in the future! We also constantly look to improve and add new things to the site, with the completely relaunched system coming online just last year and the addition of the teletext streams which have proved very popular. There's still a whole list of additional improvements I've got listed to work on throughout 2017 as the time allows.

To celebrate the birthday, keep an eye on the site Twitter account @testvwhirl. There I'm going to be taking a look back at the last 16 years of the site as we celebrate 16ness by digging out some long lost 'gems' (*cough*) from the site's history. I had hoped to get Martin Parr to film some shaky camerawork for everything, but unfortunately he was unavailable due to prior commitments.

~ Terence


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