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New Players and Welcoming - 11/4/2021

As we pass our twentieth year online, it's been a busy few weeks. First of all we introduced our new video player to the site in March 2021. Videos are now streamed rather than just being static files, in order to improve speed, performance and the ability to seek through them. It also allows us to add some new features. First up are mashups, where if you switch the audio track using the earphones icon, you'll be given the random audio from another clip of similar length. Some will be dull, some will be terrible, and some may be hilarious. If you get any gold mashups out though, be sure to share them with everyone! The second new thing that has been added are subtitles. These are all manually transcribed as they take into account a little more than just the spoken word, but also how some of your classic idents would be written down. A small 888 icon can be seen on the description for any which contain these as its something that will expand over time.

The new player is only the start of some of the things coming to TV Whirl over the next few months, with re-capturing of older clips to bring them up to our highest modern standards planned, as well as new fields to support more accurate dates, names, details and more throughout the site.

We are also now part of the TV Pres site. A new site dedicated to bringing you a feed of all the latest updates from your favourite pres sites. All sites featured on TV Pres contain high-quality, curated video content and are dedicated to the history of TV ephemera such as idents, promotions, advertisements, programme graphics and set design, and do not rely on video sharing sites such as Youtube. Find out more at

~ Terence, TV Whirl Webmaster

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