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Latest News - 2/1/2019

Happy New Year from myself, and welcome to the fresh year that is 2019. We welcome in the New Year with a special feature, taking a look around at how broadcasters both large and small marked the changeover in the calendar.

Happy New Year 2019 Continuity Roundup

No one quite knows how things will pan out this year in the broadcasting scene what with mergers and sales of some broadcasting groups floating around, unknown changes to broadcasting regulations between the UK the EU pending, and the continued growth of the newer internet giants. But whatever happens, we'll still be continuing to take a look at new things across the UK, as well as looking back to the long archive of presentation, adverts, news and programmes.

Many new changes are planned in the early months of this year. Lots of additional technology was brought onboard over 2018, and this is continuing into 2019. Software-wise too though, work is ongoing to improve the speed and ease with which new content can be added, improve quality, and improve surrounding information as we continue to expand the historical museum built up here over the past 18 years.

Onwards 2019...

~ Terence, TV Whirl Webmaster

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