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Celebrating 21 Unbroken Years Online - 22/3/2022

22nd March 2022 marks the 21st birthday of the TV Whirl site. We first went online under the name 'Terence's TV Whirl' on the same day in 2001, and we've been online as an archive of television since. And when we say online, we actually mean online! Although there has been the occasional blip with video file hosting especially in the early years, there has never been an extended outage of the whole site, even when we've done the major rebuilds of the site in 2016 and again in January this year.

Traditionally we always shared our birthday with TV Forum, who also launched on the same day, so with their closure last March it is a little tinged with sadness not to be able to share it with them again for the first time this year. However we still continue onwards and upwards. We've been adding new clips documenting the history of television every day for the past 4 years, and that's something we intend to continue for the forseeable future. With new features planned too, we're certainly not slowing down in our old age yet!

We are also part of the TV Pres group of sites. A site dedicated to bringing you a feed of all the latest updates from your favourite pres sites. All sites featured on TV Pres contain high-quality, curated video content and are dedicated to the history of TV ephemera such as idents, promotions, advertisements, programme graphics and set design, and do not rely on video sharing sites such as Youtube. Find out more at

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~ Terence, TV Whirl Webmaster

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