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New year, and new content. A batch of Meridian content from 1998 has been added to the site now bringing yet another region to TV Whirl, albeit with a bit of limited coverage. There's a mix of presentation material and of course the accompanying teletext broadcast from around that era. HTV content will be seeing some expansion in content over the coming weeks, and there are also plans to quietly fill in some of the gaps in the late 2000s for some of the main channels. What with plenty of sites and even the broadcasters covering things from the late 2000s in great detail now there's not much new to be seen there hence its always been a low priority... but it doesn't hurt to fill in the gaps anyway.

Unfortunately clips from more recent times (post 2005) won't have the teletext streams to go with them. But you can continue to enjoy them appearing on the older material just as quickly as I get them cleaned and on the site. Wherever the text has been added, you'll see an additional teletext icon on the video description. And everything can be found on the dedicated page for this. Or you can always just look at the latest updates page, but it's less fun!

~ Terence


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