~ TV Whirl - Latest Updates (5/10/2017) ~

It's been a busy few months on the site as we've been bulking out some of the channels which didn't have very good coverage on the site. In addition to the coverage of the big terrestrials, most of their spinoff channels for ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5 have also been added for the first time or seen existing sections for them massively updated. We'll* continue working through these until complete, and then finish off the channel coverage with some of those smaller ones further down the Freeview EPG who often get left out of the party.

Being a broad historical site though, I've not forgotten about the other areas. Indeed with the granddaddy of broad coverage sites, namely TV Ark currently on hiatus until a relaunch later this year, it seems more important than ever to ensure other sections continue to be added to. As such, adverts, gameshows, soaps... they've all seen updates recently. And of course, I continue to add new material to the popular teletext section. Some of it related to actual broadcasts (so accessible via the small text icon on the relevant video), and some of it just in the standalone Teletext section which can be accessed from the main navigation.

~ Terence

 (* I say we, but it's the Royal We. We're proud to be a site run by one person!)

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