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Yes, it's that time of the year once more. When all the broadcasters bring out their festive presentation, either fresh or rehashed for the umpteenth year running for some stations. Not to be any different, we've* also got the decorations up here now, and the site will have coverage of what's happening this year going online throughout December. Alongside our usual mix of additional channels never featured before being added.

Being a broader site than just pres though, we'll also have more other stuff beyond presentation continuing to go online too, covering gameshows, adverts, soaps and more. There's also several more teletext sequences being prepped to go online just as soon as I get more of the text errors cleaned up! There's even some coming from Betamax tapes now too!

~ Terence

 (* I say we, but it's the Royal We. After nearly 17 years, we're still proud to be an independent site run by one person!)

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