TTTV Promo Styles

As a smaller station, Tyne Tees generally preferred to use their own in-vision continuity team to promote shows elsewhere on the schedule. As such whenever they did show promos, they were happy to air them as supplied by the other regions usually with generic 'ITV' branding rather than make much of an effort to rebadge them locally. This approach changed somewhat after the takeover by Yorkshire, who had never taken IVC onboard, but were more keen on ensuring the brand of the region was added to the trailer as much as possible after 1993.

TTTV Advert - 1991

For most of the time from 1989 to 1992, Tyne Tees didn't brand adverts for regional programming as being regional. They simply stuck to using the ITV logo in the corner. For a short while in 1991, however, they did experiment with the idea of using both logos, in a rotating pattern. The experiment didn't last long though! (thanks Jase for the info)

TTTV Promo - Christmas 1992

In late 1992, after the takeover by Yorkshire, Tyne Tees used the network branded trailers, but had their own starting branding added to them by the YTV team. This example from Christmas 1992 also has an added ending, resulting in a totally seamless mishmash of voiceovers throughout.

TTTV Advert - 1993

For locally branded trailers in Tyne Tees, Yorkshire were happy to adapt the 1993 network trailer style adding the TTTV logo into the black lozenge that would normally house an ITV logo.

TTTV Advert - 1995

By 1995, all adverts on Tyne Tees had their own branding. Yorkshire produced both their own, and Tyne Tees' with regional continuity from Leeds, and the station's logo in the corner. (A YTV appeasement to make up for the abolition of Regional Continuity from Newcastle perhaps?). Despite this, there was still no standard endcap.

TTTV Advert (Stars in their Eyes) - 1995

Another Tyne Tees promotion from 1995, this time promoting Stars In Their Eyes... and I'm sure I know that font from somewhere!

TTTV (News Promo) - 1996

A preview of the upcoming news from Tyne Tees very early into New Year 1996. Also promoted was the 'Tonight' show, which used to run separately to the news until 1996, at which point a new combined news programme was introduced as part of the Channel 3 North East rebrand known as... 'North East Tonight'. Yes, the same creativity went into that name as everything else in the C3NE launch. The old 'Tonight' programme brand didn't die off completely however, as it continued on Yorkshire for a time.

C3NE Advert - 1996

Yorkshire continued double-producing its trailers after the introduction of Channel 3 North East. This was one of the first times that TTTV adverts had a standard endcap ( almost identical to Yorkshire's...).

C3NE Xmas Advert - 1997

The Channel 3 North East endboard was changed for Christmas 1997. Seemed a bit odd, considering C3NE only had another 2 months to go.

The Big Move (Advert) - 2005

2005 brought the day we'd all been expecting for some time. Tyne Tees finally left their City Road studios to move to a new studio complex. Their home since 1959, in recent years the site had become a goldmine in terms of land (being situated in the now redeveloped Newcastle Quayside), as well as having had pretty much all studio production mothballed. The solution to this; move them to a much cheaper and smaller (but state of the art!) industrial estate in Gateshead (and later shoehorn Border TV in too). Needless to say, the move was marked (though the simultaneous closing of their Teeside Studio was kept quiet about). This features a trailer for a documentary about the move.



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