TTTV Promo Styles

ITV Advert - Christmas 1989

A generic ITV Advert for just some of the Christmas highlights to come on the network over the festive season.

ITV Advert - 1990

This is an advert from throughout the first generic look in 1990. It has the ITV logo in the corner, however many of the adverts at that time didn't follow this pattern. As such there was also no specific endboard.

ITV Xmas Advert - 1990

Well, to be precise, this ITV branded ad is from Christmas Day, advertising a programme for New Year's Day 1991.

TTTV Advert - 1991

For most of the time from 1989 to 1992, Tyne Tees didn't brand adverts for regional programming as being regional. They simply stuck to using the ITV logo in the corner. For a short while in 1991, however, they did experiment with the idea of using both logos, in a rotating pattern. The experiment didn't last long though! (thanks Jase for the info)

ITV (Promo) - 1991

A trailer from 1991 promoting the upcoming adaption of Great Expectations to the network. Most trailers from this era lacked any consistent network branding style, depending very much upon which region had originally produced it.

ITV (Promo) - 1992

A short promo from Tyne Tees in 1992... and although they still had the autonomy to add their own branding, Tyne Tees were happy to just use the promo they'd been supplied.

TTTV Promo - Christmas 1992

In late 1992, after the takeover by Yorkshire, Tyne Tees used the network branded trailers, but had their own starting branding added to them by the YTV team. This example from Christmas 1992 also has an added ending, resulting in a totally seamless mishmash of voiceovers throughout.

ITV (Promo) - Christmas 1992

From the same Christmas and another trailer in the same festive style, only this time the branding only refers to ITV rather than Tyne Tees. As Yorkshire fed out a single branded Night Shift service overnight during this era, trailers shown in the overnight slots would have the regional start and end replaced with a generic 'ITV' brand. Also of note, the entire trailer is based off The Darling Buds of May, which did have a Christmas Special on that year, but is not referenced at all in this particular trailer.

TTTV Advert - 1993

And here is a short advert from early 1993, showing the added Tyne Tees bit at the start.

ITV (Promo) - 1993

This advert is in the same style as the one above, only once again it's only branded as 'ITV' due to appearing in the Yorkshire Tyne Tees joint overnight service.

TTTV Advert - 1995

By 1995, all adverts on Tyne Tees had their own branding. Yorkshire produced both their own, and Tyne Tees' with regional continuity from Leeds, and the station's logo in the corner. (A YTV appeasement to make up for the abolition of Regional Continuity from Newcastle perhaps?). Despite this, there was still no standard endcap.

TTTV Advert (Stars in their Eyes) - 1995

Another Tyne Tees promotion from 1995, this time promoting Stars In Their Eyes... and I'm sure I know that font from somewhere!

TTTV (News Promo) - 1996

A preview of the upcoming news from Tyne Tees very early into New Year 1996. Also promoted was the 'Tonight' show, which used to run separately to the news until 1996, at which point a new combined news programme was introduced as part of the Channel 3 North East rebrand known as... 'North East Tonight'. Yes, the same creativity went into that name as everything else in the C3NE launch. The old 'Tonight' programme brand didn't die off completely however, as it continued on Yorkshire for a time.

C3NE Advert - 1996

Yorkshire continued double-producing its trailers after the introduction of Channel 3 North East. This was one of the first times that TTTV adverts had a standard endcap ( almost identical to Yorkshire's...).

C3NE Xmas Advert - 1997

The Channel 3 North East endboard was changed for Christmas 1997. Seemed a bit odd, considering C3NE only had another 2 months to go.

ITV Advert - Early 1998

Shortly before Channel 3 North East was dropped, ITV branded trailers made a return to TTTV screens. As a result of the Granada takeover, although adverts were generally still voiced locally in Leeds, the decision was made to stop branding up multiple copies for each region and instead single brand them as 'ITV' across all of their stations. This approach was followed by a more joined up nationwide change as the ITV Network Promotions Unit would be formed in London later that year.

ITV Advert - Late 1998

Thankfully as we got further into 1998, the stencil-effect was dropped for a completely white logo in the corner! (not much better, I know!) Notice as well that this advert has an endboard. Although the ITV adverts had standardised endboards, they tended to change often.

ITV Millionaire Promo - 1998

A promo from 1998 for the first series of a show which would go on to become a phenomenal ratings success for ITV for some years to follow - Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

ITV Advert - 2001

It didn't last though! When ITV changed its corporate logo towards the end of 1998, the stencil-effect returned as part of the new NPU trailer style. This advert is an example from 2001, and features a guy we probably wont be seeing on ITV again for a while. The adverts didn't change much during this era, apart from tweaks to the endboards!

ITV1 Advert - 2001

With the re-branding of ITV in August 2001, a slight alteration was made to the adverts, adding a '1' to the stencil-logo, and producing a new ITV1 endboard.

ITV1 Sports Advert - 2001

One of the most heavily promoted things after the ITV1 rebrand was the launch of The Premiership. What with ITV having managed to clinch the right to screen premiership highlights from the BBC, they were keen to put it out in an early evening timeslot for the whole family. Things didn't quite work out for them unfortunately...

ITV1 Advert - 2002

An Advert on ITV1 after the October 2002 rebrand.

ITV1 Advert - November 2004

Another rebrand from ITV1 in 2004, and another new promo design.

The Big Move (Advert) - 2005

2005 brought the day we'd all been expecting for some time. Tyne Tees finally left their City Road studios to move to a new studio complex. Their home since 1959, in recent years the site had become a goldmine in terms of land (being situated in the now redeveloped Newcastle Quayside), as well as having had pretty much all studio production mothballed. The solution to this; move them to a much cheaper and smaller (but state of the art!) industrial estate in Gateshead (and later shoehorn Border TV in too). Needless to say, the move was marked (though the simultaneous closing of their Teeside Studio was kept quiet about). This features a trailer for a documentary about the move.



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