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Latest Additions - 21-04-2024

BBC Two NI (60 Years) - 2024

To mark 60 years of BBC Two on 20th April 2024, BBC Two dug out a collection of old idents from across the years once more. While both network and Wales used generically branded 'BBC' versions, presentation in BBC Two Northern Ireland pulled out a few more stops to use locally branded Northern Ireland versions instead, albeit recreations made by Dave Jeffery for their Afternoon Classics strand a few years earlier rather than originals. One such NI ident seen here leading into a 60th music special on the channel, complete with more shots of old idents in the opening sequence.

Latest Additions - 13-04-2024

Channel 4 (Slide) - 1996

Just to cover all the timespans, a version of the 1996 slide promoting a show 'in half an hour' on Channel 4.

Latest Additions - 06-04-2024

Dave (Break - Drama) - 2024

Some mixing of channel brands is used in this Dave break bumper, just to make sure you're all paying attention.

Latest Additions - 05-04-2024

Dave (Break - Anagram) - 2024

Some more clever wordplay from Dave in this April 2024 bumper.

Dave (Break - Horses) - 2024

April 2024 brought another fresh batch of witty break bumpers for Dave. Here a pun around horses.

Latest Additions - 04-04-2024

Dave (Promo - Meet The Richardsons - The Office) - 2024

Lucy Beaumont recreates another famous TV moment in this promo for Meet The Richardsons, recreating a David Brent scene from The Office.

Latest Additions - 03-04-2024

Dave (Break - Chicken) - 2024

For this break bumper, Dave invites everyone to play a very different game of chicken.

Dave (Break - Dog Lie) - 2024

One of the regular dog break bumpers is repurposed for this witty version in April, just now with a different caption overlaid.

Dave (Break - Pie Chart) - 2024

Using simple pie charts to put across important information in this break bumper.

Dave (Break - Age) - 2024

A casual reminder around aging in this Dave break bumper.

Dave (Break - Not a Break End) - 2024

This is shortly followed by a second part bumper at the end of the break, which apologises for the fact it was a break.

Dave (Break - Not a Break Start) - 2024

Normally the Dave witty break bumpers will appear at only one side of an advert break, with the other side still using a regular channel bumper. However ever ones for mixing things up, with the April 2024 batch a break bumper designed to appear in two parts at either side of the same break appeared. In the first part going into the break we're told 'This is Not An Ad Break'...

Dave (Break - Bob Mortimer) - 2024

A break bumper to show appreciation for comedy legend Bob Mortimer. Though admittedly, it could have repurposed for anyone really.

Dave (Break - Laugh) - 2024

Passing comment about how we'll all laugh about this one day in this break bumper.

Latest Additions - 28-03-2024

W (Phone) - 2024

People on phones make up the theme for the fourth new ident on W, first aired on March 18th 2024.

Latest Additions - 27-03-2024

W (Sunset) - 2024

Shots at sunset make up this third new ident for W introduced in March 2024.

W (Anonymous) - 2024

Scenes of non-descript people all deliberately either blurred, facing away or in silhouette-only make up this second 2024 W ident.

W (Drive) - 2024

From March 17th 2024, four additional idents were added to W, in order to provide more that would work with some of the different programming by now airing on the channel. The first features a lot of driving scenes.

Latest Additions - 22-03-2024

Dave (Promo - Meet The Richardsons - Reality TV) - 2024

Becoming increasingly meta now, in this trailer for the faux-reality-TV comedy show Meet The Richardsons, Reality TV shows themselves are now being parodied.

Latest Additions - 21-03-2024

Dave (Promo - Meet The Richardsons - Documentary) - 2024

Jon tours a warehouse in a sendup of 'documentary' programmes in this Meet The Richardsons trailer, shown here in a longer variant.

Dave (Promo - Meet The Richardsons - Fawlty Towers) - 2024

Jon Richardson recreates a famous moment from comedy series Fawlty Towers in another trailer for Meet The Richardsons series 5.

Dave (Promo - Meet The Richardsons - Detective Drama) - 2024

Ben Shephard and Alexander Armstrong make a guest appearance in this trailer for 'Meet The Richardsons' series 5, stepping out of daytime television to play detectives in a gritty police drama.

Dave (Promo - Meet The Richardsons - Only Fools) - 2024

To promote the fifth series of Meet The Richardsons starting in April 2024, Dave produced a series of mock trailers featuring Jon and Lucy recreating various well known TV genres and cult moments. Here the two guest stars recreate a famous Only Fools and Horses scene. In shorter versions of trailers, the majority of the trailer would be taken up by the 'mock' element before going to the endboard, whereas in longer versions the second half of the trailer would show clips from the actual show.

Dave (Break - British) - 2024

A thirteenth March break bumper detailing "How To Be British", courtesy of Dave.

Latest Additions - 17-03-2024

Super Noodles - 1999

In a 'Men Behaving Badly' style ad from the late 90s, two blokes are seen moaning about how disgusting the women in their lives are, all while enjoying some tasty Batchelor's Super Noodles.

Latest Additions - 14-03-2024

Dave (Break - Facial Recognition) - 2024

A more animated break bumper with sound from Dave for March 2024, to mimic a facial recognition scan.

Latest Additions - 13-03-2024

Dave (Break - Serious Career) - 2024

Dispelling myths that joke writing is not a real job in this bumper.

Dave (Break - No Jokes) - 2024

Dave come up with clever warnings to try and prevent people stealing jokes in the middle of the night. Clearly they don't realise the Youtuber-generation would just call them 'Found Jokes' and steal them anyway!

Dave (Break - You've Got This) - 2024

Dave talk about things you have and haven't got in this break bumper.

Dave (Break - Drill) - 2024

A rare bumper to use an image from the March 2024 batch.

Latest Additions - 12-03-2024

Dave (Break - Dreams) - 2024

Motivational talk about dreams in this Dave break bumper.

Dave (Break - Elements SArCaSm) - 2024

The second element-based break bumper introduced in March 2024.

Dave (Break - Elements HeHe) - 2024

One of two bumpers based upon elements of the periodic table for Dave.

Dave (Break - Scripted) - 2024

Dave talks about things being scripted in this March break bumper.

Dave (Break - Hug) - 2024

Because sometimes even the TV needs a hug!

Dave (Break - Subliminal) - 2024

No subliminal messages in break bumpers from Dave here.

Dave (Break - Rollercoaster) - 2024

Another new batch of witty bumpers were introduced in March 2024. Referencing rollercoasters first.

Latest Additions - 03-03-2024

Tesco - 2000

Tesco hired Prunella Scales to star as 'Dotty' (alongside Janes Horrocks as her daughter) in a long running campaign between 1995 and 2005. In this spot, she finds an old recept revealing just how much Tesco have cut prices in the past year, although this information does not go down as intended.

Latest Additions - 29-02-2024

Phileas Fogg - 1989

All the way from Medomsley Road, Consett, a promotion for Phileas Fogg snacks from 1989. Dubbing over an operatic Mexican scene to describe their Tortilla Chip snacks.

Latest Additions - 25-02-2024

Dave (Break - Valentines 2) - 2024

A second Valentine's Day break bumper from Dave for February 2024.

Dave (Break - Valentines 1) - 2024

The very next day in February saw further special break bumpers for Dave to mark Valentine's Day.

Latest Additions - 18-02-2024

Dave (Road - Danger!) - 2024

Special continuity over a specially modified version of the 'roadsign' ident was used into the 8pm junction on February 18th 2024, to mark the start of the new series of World's Most Dangerous Roads.

Latest Additions - 13-02-2024

Dave (Break - Pancake 2) - 2024

Another special Dave break bumper for Pancake Day 2024.

Dave (Break - Pancake 1) - 2024

Special breakbumpers were added to Dave for Pancake Day (or Shrove Tuesday) on February 13th 2024, interspersed with others from the February batch.

Latest Additions - 12-02-2024

Channel 4 (Slide) - 1996

The same slide design was also used by Channel 4 for promoting programmes at other points in the schedule with text changes as appropriate. Here a show is promoted 'in an hour' immediately before the regular channel ident.

Latest Additions - 08-02-2024

Dave (Break - Band) - 2024

Another bumper to actually reference the month of February, this time based off band name puns.

Latest Additions - 07-02-2024

Dave (Break - Out of Office) - 2024

An Out of Office autoresponder is the theme for this Dave break bumper.

Dave (Break - Chatter) - 2024

Just some indistinct background chatter on this Dave break bumper.

Dave (Break - Mor) - 2024

Another new bumper added in February 2024 on Dave.

Latest Additions - 02-02-2024

Dave (Break - Room) - 2024

Another Dave break bumper asking if the other channels are in the room with us now. One of the few from the February 2024 batch to not use a plain colour background.

Dave (Break - Insults) - 2024

A collection of 80s insults feature in this Dave break bumper.

Dave (Break - Space Invaders) - 2024

Games have advanced somewhat from Pong to reference Space Invaders now in this February 2024 break bumper from Dave. This break bumper only appeared to be used for a single day at the start of the month before being dropped again.

Dave (Break - Tuesday) - 2024

References to February again in this break bumper from Dave.

Dave (Break - Heckling) - 2024

Another 2024 break bumper, this time using heckling as the subject.

Dave (Break - Bingo) - 2024

Dave (Break - Spandau Ballet) - 2024

Another February-specific bumper from Dave, this time referencing popular music.

Dave (Break - See it, Say it) - 2024

Everyone's favourite overused train phrase features in this Dave bumper from the February 2024 batch.

Dave (Break - Valentines) - 2024

Dave reminds us of how February-specific some of the new batch of bumpers are with a Valentine's Day themed bumper. This was used from the very start of February.

Dave (Break - Loading) - 2024

After taking a break throughout December and January, a fresh batch of 'witty' break bumpers appeared on Dave from February 2024. Here a progress indicator shows 2024 loading.

Latest Additions - 26-01-2024

Channel 4 (Release) - 2023

The last of the initial batch of ident mixes 'Release' also turned out to be one of the least used. Featuring people playing sport and exploding (as per Catchphrase I'm just saying what I see), firey protests, and nightlife scenes. Outside of the 5 main 20-second groupings, extended versions and slightly different cutpoints were also available.

Latest Additions - 13-01-2024

Smarties - 1990

One of several 'Only Smarties Have The Answer' adverts using early CGI from the early 90s, continuing on from a campaign led by the veteren Martin Lambie-Nairn in the mid-80s. Here the computer-related question is briefly asked how many colours make up a byte (and homophones work much better when not written down).

Latest Additions - 03-01-2024

BBC One Wales (9am NYD) - New Year 2023/2024

BBC One Wales welcomes viewers to 2024 again in their version of the 9am junction.

BBC One NI (9am NYD) - New Year 2023/2024

The 9am New Year's Day junction from BBC One Northern Ireland.

BBC One (9am NYD) - New Year 2023/2024

By the time BBC Breakfast had finished at 9am, all of the nations were back providing their own continuity, and welcoming viewers once again to 2024. The network junction here.

BBC One Wales (6am NYD) - New Year 2023/2024

BBC One Wales was the only nation to provide their own link into BBC Breakfast at 6am on New Year's Day.

BBC One (6am NYD) - New Year 2023/2024

A few hours later, and another welcome to the New Year was made at 6am for anyone up early on New Year's Day. The network junction into BBC Breakfast was also taken by Scotland and Northern Ireland.

BBC One (12.40am NYD) - New Year 2023/2024

On the other side of midnight, BBC One welcomed viewers to 2024 in the 12.40am junction. The other nations did their own announcements.

BBC One Wales (11.30pm NYE) - New Year 2023/2024

BBC One Wales presented their final link of 2023 at 11.30pm on New Year's Eve too.

BBC One NI (11.30pm NYE) - New Year 2023/2024

The final junction from BBC One Northern Ireland also aired at the same time of 11.30pm. The nation chose to use a different ident to that of the others in order to match with their continuity script.

BBC One (11.30pm NYE) - New Year 2023/2024

The final junction for 2023 on BBC One aired at 11.30pm. This would also mark the last junction to use the festive presentation for that year.

BBC One Wales (10.25pm NYE) - New Year 2023/2024

BBC One NI (10.25pm NYE) - New Year 2023/2024

BBC One Northern Ireland's version of the 10.25pm New Year's Eve junction.

BBC One (10.25pm NYE) - New Year 2023/2024

Following a brief interlude for the news, the 10.25pm junction on BBC One Network continued the build up to the New Year Party.

BBC One Wales (8.25pm NYE) - New Year 2023/2024

The 8.25pm junction as it appeared on BBC One Wales for New Year's Eve.

BBC One NI (8.25pm NYE) - New Year 2023/2024

Unlike BBC One Scotland, for the 2023/2024 crossover the other nations were following the same schedule as network. The 8.25pm New Year's Eve junction here from BBC One Northern Ireland.

BBC One (8.25pm NYE) - New Year 2023/2024

The 8.25pm junction from BBC One Network and the build up to the New Year is under way. Well, after a long movie first!

BBC Two (1.30am NYD) - New Year 2023/2024

The first junction of 2024 from BBC Two aired at 1.30am, welcoming viewers into the fresh new year, and also saw the return of the non-festive presentation as per the normal routine at the BBC.

BBC Two NI (11.30pm NYE) - New Year 2023/2024

BBC Two Northern Ireland's final junction of 2023 wished viewers a Happy New Year from everyone at BBC Northern Ireland. Unfortunately poor weather conditions hammering the satellite reception mean we're unable to bring the junction from Wales too, however there Mark James included a name check and wished everyone a Happy New Year from Central Square, Cardiff.

BBC Two (11.30pm NYE) - New Year 2023/2024

The final BBC Two Network junction of 2023 aired around 11.30pm leading into the usual Jools Holland Hootenanny show.

BBC Two Wales (10.30pm NYE) - New Year 2023/2024

Finally the 10.30pm junction as it appeared in the Welsh nation version of BBC Two.

BBC Two NI (10.30pm NYE) - New Year 2023/2024

BBC Two Northern Ireland's version of the 10.30pm New Year's Eve junction.

BBC Two (10.30pm NYE) - New Year 2023/2024

BBC Two Wales (9.25pm NYE) - New Year 2023/2024

BBC Two NI (9.25pm NYE) - New Year 2023/2024

The 9.25pm junction as it aired on BBC Two Northern Ireland.

BBC Two (9.25pm NYE) - New Year 2023/2024

The build up on BBC Two is starting in the 9.25pm junction on New Year's Eve.

BBC Four (1.45am NYD) - New Year 2023/2024

The 1.45am junction on BBC Four made a mention of the new year, however it was scripted very carefully as this was an example of a recording which had been used for both an earlier showing of the show on New Year's Eve and this repeat in the early hours of New Year's Day.

BBC Four (12.20am NYD) - New Year 2023/2024

With BBC Four's ever decreasing budget and changed remit as a 'repeats' channel, the continuity links for the new year were somewhat more subdued too compared to BBC Three. The evening saw a mix of both generic announcements, and some tailored to the different programming for New Year's Eve/Day but scripted in such a way that they could be used for multiple showings of the same show. The first junction for 2024 however was into a film which was not being repeated, allowing for a more bespoke message to be put out in that junction welcoming viewers to the new year.

BBC Three (12.45am NYD) - New Year 2023/2024

The 12.45am junction for BBC Three on New Year's Day continued marking the occasion.

BBC Three (12.15am NYD) - New Year 2023/2024

On the other side of midnight, the first junction from BBC Three for 2024 aired at 12.15am welcoming viewers to the new year.

BBC Three (11.45pm NYE) - New Year 2023/2024

The final junction from BBC Three for 2023 aired at 11.45pm with continuity highlighting how close the year end was.

BBC Three (7pm NYE) - New Year 2023/2024

BBC Three made various references to the New Year throughout the evening, starting with their very first opening junction at 7pm on New Year's Eve.

Latest Additions - 02-01-2024

BBC Scotland (12.30am NYD) - New Year 2023/2024

Poor weather conditions in my local area limited the amount of junctions captured for the BBC Scotland channel for the 2023/2024 buildup. However not to be left out completely, here is the final junction from the channel for the night aired at 12.30am immediately after the conclusion of the Hogmanay programme that as usual was simulcast on both the BBC Scotland channel and BBC One Scotland.

BBC One Scotland (9am NYD) - New Year 2023/2024

With the BBC One Scotland team having been up so late, the 6am junction before BBC Breakfast later on New Year's Day was left taking the network continuity. However the nation were back up again by the 9am junction, welcoming people to 2024.

BBC One Scotland (2.35am NYD) - New Year 2023/2024

A few minutes later, BBC One Scotland finally wrapped up their celebratory night and handed over to the BBC News Channel simulcast.

BBC One Scotland (2.30am NYD) - New Year 2023/2024

BBC One Scotland finally began to wrap up their night around 2.30am, airing the usual late night weather forecast.

BBC One Scotland (1.30am NYD) - New Year 2023/2024

In keeping with the usual practice North of the border, BBC One Scotland continued their own continuity throughout the night to accommodate their opted out schedule. The 1.30am junction keeps the New Year party going.

BBC One Scotland (12.30am NYD) - New Year 2023/2024

BBC One Scotland's first junction of 2024 aired at 12.30am, welcoming people into 2024.

BBC One Scotland (11.30pm NYE) - New Year 2023/2024

The final junction from BBC One Scotland for 2023 was aired at 11.30pm into their Hogmanay programme.

BBC One Scotland (10pm NYE) - New Year 2023/2024

Getting closer to midnight on BBC One Scotland with the 10pm junction. Apologies for a few reception issues due to poor weather on the evening.

BBC One Scotland (8.15pm NYE) - New Year 2023/2024

As usual, BBC One Scotland were heavily opted out of the network schedule to run their own Hogmanay programming instead. This also meant a lot of junctions to mark the occasion. The build up is already under way in the 8.15pm junction here.


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