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Latest Additions - 28/01/2020

BT - 1999

ET, the alien from Spielberg's famous film, has popped up in numerous advertising campaigns over the years, most recently for Comcast/Sky in 2019. Here, some 20 years earlier, he's busy advertising BT, reminding Mum there's always a good reason to call for no reason.

Latest Additions - 27/01/2020

Heineken - 1999

Binmen making a very quiet morning round for another How Refreshing, How Heineken advert campaign.

Latest Additions - 26/01/2020

HGTV (Promo) - 2020

An example of the updated promo style for the new HGTV UK channel, used from January 2020.

Latest Additions - 25/01/2020

HGTV (Sting - Orange) - 2020

Short stings on HGTV consist of cutdown versions of the regular idents, and are used both to split up presentational elements or as break bumpers. Here one based on the orange ident.

Latest Additions - 24/01/2020

HGTV (Pink) - 2020

Pink colours make up the last of the launch idents for HGTV in January 2020.

Latest Additions - 23/01/2020

HGTV (Green) - 2020

Shades of bluey-green make up the HGTV ident this time round.

HGTV (Gold) - 2020

Another variant of HGTV's idents from January 2020, this time in Gold.

Latest Additions - 22/01/2020

HGTV (Orange) - 2020

Another ident for HGTV, this time using objects in shades of orange and complementary colours.

Latest Additions - 21/01/2020

HGTV (Blue) - 2020

Home was rebranded as HGTV on 21st January 2020, bringing Discovery's brand from elsewhere to the UK. Off-peak idents on Home under Discovery ownership had not had continuity, and the first launch one for the new HGTV stuck to this approach resulting in a very muted opening at 6am. Idents for the channel consist of colour co-ordinated shots, here all based on blues and complementary colours.

Latest Additions - 20/01/2020

Home (HGTV Promo) - 2020

In the runup to Discovery's introduction of the HGTV brand to the UK on January 21st, promos were run on the soon to be replaced Home channel. Another channel which had been acquired as part of the UKTV split the previous year.

Latest Additions - 19/01/2020

BBC One NI (Timing Mistake) - 2020

Someone in Northern Ireland plays one trailer less than they should in an afternoon junction, resulting in BBC One Northern Ireland joining the programme feed too early. As is normal in that situation, the gap ends up filled with the BBC blocks holding pattern. The other nations all hit this junction correctly.

Latest Additions - 18/01/2020

BBC Three (Sting - The Incredibles) - 2011

A short sting used to lead into an airing of Disney's The Incredibles on BBC Three in 2011, using pre-supplied animation from Disney. In the later years of its life, much of early January on BBC Three would be used to air repeats of movies the BBC had acquired for BBC One over Christmas, allowing them to maximise their investment in film rights even if the films themselves seemed a little out of place on the channel sometimes.

Latest Additions - 17/01/2020

CBBC on Two (Intro) - 2004

From before children's programming was removed from the main terrestrials, some opening titles to CBBC as aired during breakfast BBC Two in 2004. Still featuring the green bugs in some form at this point inkeeping with the dedicated channels which had launched in 2002.

Latest Additions - 16/01/2020

Aquafresh - 1994

A fondly remembered animated campaign for Aquafresh from the mid 90s, using the tagline 'Not Just a Pretty Paste'.

Latest Additions - 15/01/2020

BBC Four (Night Driving 3) - 2020

Colours are different, and road conditions are a little snowier in 2020, but the 'Enjoy The Trip' tagline is still being milked somewhat.

Latest Additions - 14/01/2020

ITV2 - 2020

Another generated ITV2 ident example. Despite their apparently 'random' nature, some filmed sequences seem to appear much less frequently in the rotation than others. Carrier bags, tennis balls and bowling pins get a look in this time round

Latest Additions - 13/01/2020

ITV (Saj Fareed) - 2020

The fifth ident from Saj Fareed and the group was the plain 'news safe' ident, and made its first appearance before the regional news at 6pm. Shown here from the Granada region.

ITV (Saj Fareed) - 2020

Ident 4 from Saj Fareed and her team first aired into the 4pm junction on 13th January 2020.

ITV (Saj Fareed) - 2020

The third ident for Saj Fareed's week on ITV Creates, first aired into the 3pm junction on 13th January 2020.

ITV (Saj Fareed) - 2020

With the new ident-less weekday junction style having kicked in the previous week, it was 1.30pm before the next airing of an ident on ITV on 13th January, and that was a repeat of the 6am ident. The second ident from Saj Fareed finally aired into the 2pm junction.

ITV (Saj Fareed) - 2020

After a gap of a fortnight reusing 2019 idents, a new ITV Creates ident set appeared at 6am on January 13th 2020, marking the first to air after the initial 'Project 52' had finished. Saj Fareed is the lead artist this time, with a group from Asian Women's Resource Centre constructing the ITV logo out of soft materials.

Latest Additions - 12/01/2020

ITV2 (Love Island Break) - 2020

Completing the roundup of Love Island break bumpers for ITV2, this time round Siânnise Fudge appears.

ITV2 (Love Island Break) - 2020

Yet another break bumper themed around the 2020 winter series of Love Island, this time featuring Nas Majeed.

ITV2 (Love Island Break) - 2020

For this ITV2 break bumper, Sophie Piper features.

ITV2 (Love Island Break) - 2020

Ollie Williams appears in another Love Island 2020 break bumper for ITV2.

ITV2 (Love Island Break) - 2020

The success of Love Island for ITV2 saw the show moved to two series a year. The start of the winter series in January 2020 brought with it special break bumpers for the channel once more. Connor Durman appears in this one.

ITV2 (Love Island Break) - 2020

Working their way through all the contestants, another ITV2 break bumper for the January 2020 series this time featuring Shaughna Phillips.

ITV2 (Love Island Break) - 2020

Mike Boateng awkwardly dances for this Love Island break bumper.

ITV2 (Love Island Break) - 2020

Another special ITV2 Love Island bumper this time featuring Leanne Amaning.

ITV2 (Love Island Break) - 2020

Callum Jones appears in this Love Island break bumper for ITV2.

ITV2 (Love Island Break) - 2020

The other of the Gale twins (Eve we think) appears in another break bumper for ITV2.

ITV2 (Love Island Break) - 2020

A third Love Island bumper, this time featuring Jess Gale (... we think!).

ITV2 (Love Island Break) - 2020

Another Love Island break break bumper for ITV2, this time featuring Paige Turley.

Latest Additions - 11/01/2020

Paramount Network (Turquoise/Black) - 2020

The green/turquoise and black colourscheme appears in another ident, this time ending on a black background.

Paramount Network (White/Black) - 2020

Another black and white ident from Paramount, only this time finishing on a black background.

Latest Additions - 10/01/2020

Paramount Network (Gold/Black) - 2020

In an easy way of doubling the number of variants, all the refreshed 2020 idents for Paramount Network come with a colour inverted version. Another ident from Paramount using black and gold, only this time inverted.

Latest Additions - 09/01/2020

Paramount Network (Dark Grey/Black) - 2020

A subtly different shade of grey for this ident with grey and black used together.

Paramount Network (White/Blue) - 2020

Here blue and white are used as colours again, just with their positions inverted.

Latest Additions - 08/01/2020

Paramount Network (Black/Turquoise) - 2020

Black and Turquoise make up the colours of this Paramount Network ident.

Paramount Network (Blue/White) - 2020

The main blue and white colours associated with Paramount's channel presentation elsewhere make up the colours for this ident too.

Latest Additions - 07/01/2020

Paramount Network (Black/White) - 2020

Another 2020 Paramount Network graphic-based ident, this time in black and white.

Paramount Network (Black/Gold) - 2020

5Spike was closed in January 2020, with their programming moved over to Paramount Network. To mark the slightly changed schedule to the channel (and its new lower EPG numbers), a small refresh to the idents on Paramount Network was made, replacing the filmed sequences with solely graphical idents in different colours. Here black and gold.

Latest Additions - 06/01/2020

Channel 5 (Promo) - Christmas 2019

An example of the festive 2019 promo style for Channel 5. Essentially the same as usual, just with the addition of a new logo flash featuring nearly the same scene as the idents for that year albeit without some of the visitors. This version uses the daytime variant of the scene, with the scheduled time for the show apparently having little to do with the choice of logo used.

Latest Additions - 05/01/2020

Drama (Pride and Prejudice) - Christmas 2019

The third festive ident from Drama to come from the Christmas 2019 promo was for Pride and Prejudice, starring actress Amelia Fox. Rumour has it ITV3 have been asking around about who took their bell jar too.

Latest Additions - 04/01/2020

Drama (New Year 2020) - 2020

Drama's continuity in the run up to midnight was fairly standard programme-related fare. A special announcement from them later on in the afternoon of the 1st January to welcome in the New Year appears here though.

Latest Additions - 03/01/2020

RTL (New Year 2020) - 2020

With idents and continuity not being as big on the German stations as the UK, most of the celebrations in Germany were as part of programmes. RTL counts down to midnight as part of their celebrations, before branded graphics come up to wish everyone a Happy New Year.

DMAX Austria (New Year News 2020) - 2020

The German version of DMAX aired their own news show shortly after midnight on 1st January to welcome in 2020. Although references are made to the date changeover, most of the articles are pre-recorded earlier in the day. Recorded here from the near-identical Austria simulcast of the channel.

RTL Zwei (New Year 2020) - 2020

Over on sister channel RTL Zwei, a different live countdown was done to mark the New Year - the first under the channel's refreshed image.

Quest Red (First Anno 2020) - 2020

A few minutes later on Quest Red, and their first announcement of 2020 went out as well welcoming viewers to the New Year over one of their festive idents.

Quest Red (Last ECP 2019) - 2019

Similar to the previous year, the main Quest channel barely acknowledged the New Year, while sister channel Quest Red made much more of the occasion. This ECP aired barely minutes before midnight on Quest Red on the 31st December, making it their last 2019 announcement.

Blaze (Last Anno 2019) - 2019

A+E Networks-owned channel 'Blaze' made their last announcement of 2019 into the 11.30pm junction complete with references to exiting 2019. Junctions after midnight went out without continuity.

ITV2 (New Year 2020) - 2020

Most ITV2 announcements building up to midnight were fairly generic ones about their usual selection of Family Guy showings. However in the 12.30am junction on 1st January, they finally made a brief acknowledgement of the New Year too.

ITVBe (Last Anno 2019) - 2019

ITVBe made their last continuity announcement of 2019 around 11.30pm, welcoming in the New Year with a show spanning the date changeover.

Latest Additions - 02/01/2020

4seven (First Anno 2020) - 2020

On the other side of midnight, 4seven's first junction of 2020 was into the 12.40am junction.

4seven (Last Anno 2019) - 2019

Making for a fairly complete set from the traditional Channel 4 family, 4seven's last announcement for 2019 was aired into the 11.35pm junction.

More4 (First Anno 2020) - 2020

The first announcement from More4 from 2020 aired about 35 minutes later around 12.15am, welcoming people to the New Year.

More4 (Last Anno 2019) - 2019

More4's last announcement of 2019 was made into the 11.40pm junction, during another Father Ted marathon.

E4 (First Anno 2020) - 2020

12.27am on 1st January saw the first announcement from E4 for the New Year, with continuity sending greetings as well as apologising for not being able to do so bang on midnight for... reasons!

E4 (Last Anno 2019) - 2019

The last announcement from E4 for 2019 aired around 11.50pm on the 31st, leading into a show which would span the year crossover.

E4 (New Year 2020) - 2019

E4 built up to New Year 2020 with references in several junctions leading to midnight. The announcement from the 11.20pm junction on the 31st.

Film4 (First Anno 2020) - 2020

The first announcement for 2020 from Film4, welcoming viewers into the New Year on the channel. This aired in the 12.50pm junction on 1st January.

Film4 (Last Anno 2019) - 2019

Channel 4's spinoff channels were good for acknowledging the New Year changeover to 2020. The last announcement from Film4 aired into the 11.10pm junction on the 31st, talking about their first movie lineup for 2020, before making an end of year announcement.

Latest Additions - 01/01/2020

Channel 5 (Last Anno 2019) - 2019

Channel 5 scheduled another one of their marathon clip show programmes over the New Year 2020, meaning their last announcement for 2019 was made around 11.20pm on the 31st. There was no further acknowledgement in the junction after the date changeover as this was leading into overnight filler. However we expect Channel 5 will rehash New Year 2020 under a different name at some point in the middle of Summer, so they'll get another chance then.

Channel 4 (First Anno 2020) - 2020

At around 1am on the 1st January, Channel 4 made their first announcement for 2020, briefly welcoming people into the New Year.

Channel 4 (Last Anno 2019) - 2019

Similar to what they had done the previous year, Channel 4 scheduled a long two hour programme to straddle the New Year 2020 crossover. This meant their final programme announcement for 2019 was made at 11.05pm on the 31st.

STV (New Year 2020) - 2020

Even later into the night in the 1.10am junction on STV, they finally made more acknowledgement of the New Year in the announcement, sending out good wishes.

STV (First Anno 2020) - 2020

You could almost be forgiven for realising the New Year had just passed in the the first announcement of 2020 on STV, as they introduced a timeshifted programme about 2019 at 12.20am with very little fanfare about the date change.

STV (Last Anno 2019) - 2019

The last 2019 announcement from STV aired at 11.30pm on the 31st, and followed their usual tradition of barely acknowledging the New Year, and just scripting the announcement very similar to any other programme junction.

STV (New Year 2020) - 2019

As per tradition, STV had a completely opted out schedule for New Year 2020, with different junction timings to the rest of the ITV network. During the build up to midnight, the channel also aired their own news lookback show, complete with this introduction in the 10.45pm junction.

UTV (First Anno 2020) - 2020

The first 2020 announcement from UTV was aired shortly after midnight in the 12.10am junction. Still using the Santa ident we'd all grown tired of on the main ITV network many years before.

UTV (Last Anno 2019) - 2019

Following the same schedule as ITV main, the last pre-recorded announcement for UTV for 2019 was into the New Year news coverage at 11.55pm.

UTV (New Year 2020) - 2019

UTV had continued to use their old-ITV-style idents throughout 2019, so New Years Eve followed a similar ident pattern to previous years. In the 11pm junction on the 31st, Julian provided a pre-recorded announcement building up towards midnight.

ITV (New Year 2020) - 2020

The same Anna Lomax idents continued at 6am, at the very start of the first 2020 broadcasting day for ITV.

ITV (First Anno 2020) - 2020

The first announcement of 2020 on ITV used the version of that week's ITV Creates ident with the confetti cannon exploding, and aired around 12.10am on the 1st January.

ITV (Last Anno 2019) - 2019

The last junction on ITV for 2019, used to lead into their short news coverage of the New Year at around 11.55pm. The version of that week's ITV Creates ident without the confetti firing was used.

ITV (New Year 2020) - 2019

Building up towards midnight on New Years Eve on ITV, with some teasers of the programmes and fireworks to come. From the 11pm junction on the 31st.

BBC Alba (Last Anno 2019) - 2019

The final announcement for 2019 for Gaelic-language channel BBC Alba was made in-vision into the 11.30pm junction on 31st December leading into their ceilidh show.

BBC Scotland (Last Anno 2019) - 2019

The last announcement for 2019 on the BBC Scotland channel was made into the 11.30pm junction - a simulcast of the Hogmanay show on their main BBC One Scotland.

BBC Four (First Anno 2020) - 2020

The first announcement of 2020 on BBC Four was made into the 12.15am junction, welcoming viewers to the New Year.

BBC Four (Last Anno 2019) - 2019

The last 2019 announcement on BBC Four was made into the 11.45pm junction on the channel, introducing comedy with Vic and Bob. This would also be the last airing of the Christmas ident for that year.

BBC Two (New Year 2020) - 2020

BBC Two's first junction of the first broadcast day for 2020 was at 6.15am on 1st January.

BBC Two (First Anno 2020) - 2020

After midnight on BBC Two, all nations took the network feed. So the first junction of 2020 at 1.20am was seen by everyone. This junction also signalled the return to non-festive presentation on the channel.

BBC Two NI (Last Anno 2019) - 2019

BBC Two Northern Ireland also made their last 2019 announcement into the 11.15pm junction on the 31st. Both NI and Wales would join network for the rest of the night after this point.

BBC Two (Last Anno 2019) - 2019

BBC Two Network made their last announcement for 2019 into the 11.15pm junction on the 31st. This would also be the last junction to use the Christmas branding.

BBC One NI (New Year 2020) - 2020

The first startup for 2020 for BBC One Northern Ireland saw them using Sausage Dogs, the same as Network.

BBC One Wales (New Year 2020) - 2020

Local continuity for BBC One Wales returned for the first 2020 startup at 9am, with their customary Good Morning and Happy New Year greetings in Welsh.

BBC One (New Year 2020) - 2020

The first 2020 startup announcement for BBC One Network aired at 9am on 1st January, welcoming viewers to the New Year once again.

BBC One (New Year 2020) - 2020

A few minutes after that, BBC One Network (and Northern Ireland and Wales who were taking the feed) closed down for the first time in 2020.

BBC One (New Year 2020) - 2020

BBC One Network was joined by Wales and Northern Ireland for the rest of the night on January 1st. Continuity makes further reference to the New Year in the 4am junction into the late weather.

BBC One Scotland (New Year 2020) - 2020

The first startup from BBC One Scotland for 2020, welcoming viewers at 9am on 1st January. Scotland were the only nation to use a different ident into this junction, opting for Allotment Holders.

BBC One Scotland (New Year 2020) - 2020

BBC One Scotland brought their New Year programming to a close a few minutes later, handing over to BBC News for the night at about 2.40am.

BBC One Scotland (New Year 2020) - 2020

Due to their opted-out schedule, BBC One Scotland continued with local presentation until the end of broadcasting for the night. Here they lead into the late Weather a little after 2.30am, slightly later than billed.

BBC One NI (First Anno 2020) - 2020

BBC One Northern Ireland also made their first announcement of 2020 around the 1am junction, choosing to use Night Kayakers to mark their return to regular presentation too. This was also the last local junction from Northern Ireland for the night.

BBC One Wales (First Anno 2020) - 2020

BBC One Wales also made their first announcement for 2020 in the same junction on January 1st. This would be their last local junction for the night, with subsequent overnight junctions taking network. Llama Trekkers appeared in this junction, the same as Network.

BBC One Scotland (First Anno 2020) - 2020

BBC One Scotland made their first announcement of 2020 a little earlier than the other nations due to their opted-out schedule, leading into a junction at 12.30. This also meant they were the first to return to non-festive presentation with Bhangra Dancers.

BBC One (First Anno 2020) - 2020

The first proper junction of 2020 for BBC One Network was around 1am. As well as welcoming viewers to the new year, visually it marked the return to the regular presentation package with Llama Trekkers making an appearance.

BBC One Scotland (Last Anno 2019) - 2019

BBC One Scotland make their final announcement of 2019 and the last with the Christmas branding. Airing at a slightly different time to the other nations of 11.30pm, they went with the 'Cuckoo Clock' the same as Northern Ireland had.

BBC One NI (Last Anno 2019) - 2019

The last announcement from BBC One Northern Ireland for 2019, aired into the 11.25pm junction. Unlike the other nations sharing this junction, they chose to use a different ident for their last airing of the Christmas set, going with the 'Cuckoo Clock'.

BBC One Wales (Last Anno 2019) - 2019

BBC One Wales make their last announcement for 2019 into the 11.25pm junction on the 31st as well. Also choosing to use the 'Roomba' ident once more.

BBC One (Last Anno 2019) - 2019

With New Year getting ever closer, the final 2019 junction from BBC One Network aired at 11.25pm. Despite being the last chance to see the Christmas idents for this year too, they repeated the use of the 'Roomba' ident that had appeared in the previous junction.


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