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Latest Additions - 25/08/2019

Toggo (Break - Surprise) - 2019

One ice cream jumps out to surprise another in this Toggo Summer Break Bumper.

Toggo (Break End - Lick) - 2019

The accompanying 'lick' end of break break bumper for Super RTL/Toggo. Remember kids, don't lick or bite your friends at home!

Latest Additions - 24/08/2019

Toggo (Break - Lick) - 2019

For this summer themed break bumper, the ice cream characters lick and bite one another. Sometimes it's best not to ask!

Latest Additions - 23/08/2019

Channel 4 (4 All The UK) - 2019

In order to mark their '4 All The UK' diversity strategy, Channel 4 have a special link featuring many different voices from the CA team repeating 'I am Channel 4'. Aired here on August 23rd 2019. Due to the use of the pre-recorded ident, a separate set of blocks has to follow afterwards to carry the programme content warning.

Toggo (Sting) - 2019

Another sting for the Toggo strand of Super RTL. Here one of the characters decides to take a lick of the giant ice sculpture, getting stuck to it in the process.

Toggo (Sting) - 2019

A summer themed sting for the Toggo strand of the channel, with the ice cream characters all standing around a giant ice sculpture of the logo... until one falls off. Similar to the other presentational elements, from mid 2019 remaining references to Super RTL have been removed leaving only the main Toggo brand present.

Latest Additions - 22/08/2019

Toggo (Break End - Dive) - 2019

Further into 2019, and the already downplayed secondary Super RTL brand is finally removed completely from break bumpers on the channel leaving just 'Toggo'. The style remains otherwise the same, changing by season. Here, in a summer-themed bumper, one of the characters dives into a small pool.

Latest Additions - 21/08/2019

BBC One (Penguins) - Christmas 2007

First added for Christmas 2007, a collection of penguins invade an ice rink before skating around a tree in a circle. This was used into most shows, with the snowball from 2006 continuing to make an appearance as the 'news safe' ident. After being retired at the end of the festive season, this ident would continue to make intermittent appearances on BBC One usually during icy weather, albeit now edited to remove the Christmas tree.

Latest Additions - 20/08/2019

BBC Two (ECP) - Christmas 2007

The ECP for BBC Two is updated to feature the festive 'cut out' graphics, first introduced for Christmas 2007.

Latest Additions - 19/08/2019

ITV (Erin Taylor) - 2019

The second setup ident, and fifth overall, from Erin Taylor's ITV Creates week. First aired into the 2pm junction.

ITV (Erin Taylor) - 2019

The first of two idents from Erin featuring setup shots for the artwork. This one first aired into the 1.30pm junction on 19th August.

ITV (Erin Taylor) - 2019

The third ident from Erin Taylor features the piece shot from several different angles, and first aired into the 12.30 junction.

ITV (Erin Taylor) - 2019

Ident 2 from Erin Taylor as first aired at 10.30 on 19th August. Looking very similar to the first ident, just with a different audio track.

ITV (Erin Taylor) - 2019

Erin Taylor from Manchester School of Art is the artist for another week on ITV Creates. Starting at 6am on the 19th August with a piece showing iron filings moved around by a magnet underneath a cutout of the ITV logo.

Latest Additions - 18/08/2019

CITV (IVC) - 2004

Following on from the last link, Andy Jaye is out of the studio and into a swimming pool for the pre-recorded competition segment.

Toggolino (Promo) - 2009

An example of the 2009 Toggolino promo style. Very similar to that of the main Super RTL brand, except for a lot more use of green as the signature colour rather than orange.

Latest Additions - 17/08/2019

Toggolino (Competition) - 2009

A short promo encouraging young people to get involved with the channel.

BBC One NI (Wales Continuity) - 2019

The joint DR service from BBC One Northern Ireland on 16th August 2019 results in a rare junction where both Northern Ireland and Wales are namechecked by continuity. This was the last combined junction before the separate Wales-branded playout from NI was brought online.

BBC One NI (Wales Continuity) - 2019

A power failure at BBC One Wales HQ on 16th August resulted in Northern Ireland having to be be drafted in as the disaster recovery site. Whilst they spun up the full playout facilities to allow both stations to be played independently, Northern Ireland's continuity was played out on Wales too with additional references added for viewers. Here an apology for a Wales programme they are not able to show due to the technical issues.

Toggolino (Break End) - 2009

An end-of-break bumper from during Toggolino - the pre-school targeted segment of Super RTL, aired early mornings on the channel.

Latest Additions - 16/08/2019

Toggolino (Short - See-saw) - 2009

One of many short animations featuring the signature cow and friends of the Toggolino strand, designed for younger children on the channel. Here they are playing on a see-saw.

Super RTL (Sting) - 2009

A widescreen version of the 'cardboard box plane' footage for Super RTL for a break bumper in 2009.

CITV (Close) - 2004

An early 2004 closeout from CITV, using a watery version of their logo.

Super RTL (Sting) - 2009

A third Super RTL sting, this time with 2 people relaxing in a hammock.

Latest Additions - 15/08/2019

CITV (IVC) - 2004

Competitions still feature on the last set from CITV. Now assisted by a puppet bag named 'Swag' to describe the prizes, here the main presenters and Swag introduce a Spongebob-themed competition and invite people to call in.

Super RTL (Sting) - 2009

Another Super RTL sting from 2009, this time featuring a parent and child in a cardboard box plane.

CITV (ECP) - 2004

An example of the last ECP style from the Birmingham operation of CITV in 2004. Essentially just a regular promo, but squashed into 2/3 of the screenspace instead.

Super RTL (Break End) - 2009

Biking is the theme for this 2009 break bumper for Super RTL, shown here on the return from a break.

Latest Additions - 14/08/2019

Super RTL (Break) - 2009

Break bumpers for Super RTL in 2009 feature similar scenes to the stings, albeit always in 16:9 picture ratio at this point for the bumpers whilst the stings would vary. Here some children draw on a blackboard.

Super RTL (Sting) - 2009

One of several short stings for Super RTL in Germany. Used before programming, in their 2009 guise each features scenes with various family members together.

Super RTL (Promo) - 2009

An example of the promo style for German channel Super RTL from 2009. Here promoting a show in one of their evening slots, thus sitting under the main 'Super RTL' family branding as opposed to the 'Toggo' or 'Toggolino' brands used for their mid and preschool strands.

CITV (Promo) - 2004

CITV have their own take on the I'm a Celebrity Koala puppets that the main ITV channel had been using to promote the series. Here being used to promote the Saturday show of the time Ministry of Mayhem.

Latest Additions - 13/08/2019

CITV (Explosion) - 2004

The CITV logo explodes comic-book-style in another ident/sting from the final CITV look from Birmingham.

CITV (Fuzzy) - 2004

One of many short stings/idents in use during the final CITV look from Birmingham. Here the CITV logo is made up from a fuzzy television picture

CITV (IVC) - 2004

Andy Jaye and Gail Mckenna present a link from the final invision set at Birmingham, alongside an amazing bit of puppetry with a Spongebob cuddly toy.

Latest Additions - 12/08/2019

ITV (Ash Kayser) - 2019

Another setup ident for the fifth in the Ash Kayser batch of idents, first used into the 2pm junction on 12th August.

ITV (Ash Kayser) - 2019

First used into the 1.30pm junction on the first day comes the fourth ident for Ash Kayser's piece. More shots of the artwork from different angles feature.

ITV (Ash Kayser) - 2019

The third ident from Ash Kayser shows setup shots for the piece, as well as giving a better idea of the surprisingly small scale of the cubes for the first time.

ITV (Ash Kayser) - 2019

Ident 2 from Ash Kayser shows shots of the cube artwork from lots of different angles.

ITV (Ash Kayser) - 2019

The 33rd week for ITV Creates saw work from Ash Kayser from UWE. The ITV logo this time being made up from coloured cubes.

Latest Additions - 11/08/2019

STV (Music and Dance - Long) - 2019

A longer formup of the music and dance ident, featuring some extra scenes before the STV triangle appears.

Latest Additions - 10/08/2019

STV (Looks- Long) - 2019

A longer formup of the same ident, featuring more of people applying makeup and getting dressed... as well as an additional appearance of someone with a hen.

CITV (IVC) - 2004

The remaining CITV team present another link from right near the end of In-vision Continuity from Birmingham. By this time the cutbacks to the budget had become very obvious with a massively cutdown set compared to what had been seen in previous years. After the end of July, the studio was dropped completely with links done 'on-tour' throughout August, before the out-of-vision service began from Manchester at the end of that month.

Latest Additions - 09/08/2019

BBC Sport (Snooker) - 2005

Snooker meets Robot Wars in an attempt to make the sport look more hardcore in this 2005 set of titles. Here for the Rileys Club Masters at Wembley Conference Centre. By this point the consistent yellow branding for BBC Sport had been adopted throughout their graphics.

Latest Additions - 08/08/2019

E4 (Break - Celebs Go Dating) - 2019

Jemaine Pennant and Alice Goodwin feature in another couples break bumper for E4's Celebs Go Dating.

E4 (Break - Celebs Go Dating) - 2019

Another Celebs Go Dating break bumper for August 2019, this time featuring Lauren Goodger.

E4 (Break - Celebs Go Dating) - 2019

Nathan Henry appears in another Celebs Go Dating themed break bumper for E4.

Latest Additions - 07/08/2019

E4 (Break - Celebs Go Dating) - 2019

Another special break bumper to mark Celebs Go Dating series 7 with Megan Barton Hanson.

E4 (Break - Celebs Go Dating) - 2019

Lee Ryan appears in this break bumper for E4's Celebs Go Dating.

E4 (Break - Celebs Go Dating) - 2019

Another special break bumper for E4, this time featuring Lady Colin Campbell.

E4 (Break - Celebs Go Dating) - 2019

In a change for the seventh series, some couples also feature, with an update to the break bumpers to match. Charlotte Crosby and Joshua Ritchie feature.

E4 (Break - Celebs Go Dating) - 2019

August 2019, and series 7 of Celebs Go Dating rolls around on E4 complete with another batch of special break bumpers for the channel. Jack Fincham appears in this one.

Latest Additions - 06/08/2019

Honda (Change Something) - 2005

One of many inspirational Honda adverts from the 2000s. At this time diesel engines were still seen as something to advertise to the end consumer as the way forward.

Latest Additions - 05/08/2019

ITV (BA (Hons) Fine Arts, Bournemouth) - 2019

The fifth ident from the BA Hons class at Bournemouth, as first aired into the 2pm junction on 5th August 2019. With no people present in the shots this time.

ITV (BA (Hons) Fine Arts, Bournemouth) - 2019

Ident 4 first appeared into the 1.30pm junction, featuring more shots of the group constructing their piece.

ITV (BA (Hons) Fine Arts, Bournemouth) - 2019

The third ident for the Bournemouth Fine Arts Course group, as first aired into the 12.30 junction on 5th August.

ITV (BA (Hons) Fine Arts, Bournemouth) - 2019

With the more serene 'news safe' ident not premiering at 6am for a change, the 9.25 junction featured its first broadcast appearance instead on 5th August.

ITV (BA (Hons) Fine Arts, Bournemouth) - 2019

Week 32 sees an entire group for ITV Creates, with a piece by the BA (Hons) Fine Arts course class from Arts University Bournemouth. The piece is made up from charcoal against a wall. Also in an unusual break with tradition, the first ident to air at 6am on the day was not the usual 'news safe' version.

Latest Additions - 04/08/2019

Channel 4/E4 (Promo) - 2004

To promote the final series of Friends in 2004, a rare cross-channel promotion for both E4 and Channel 4. During the initial run of the series in the UK, Friends was aired first on E4 with the episode following on Channel 4 later.

Latest Additions - 03/08/2019

Drama (Summer Evenings) - 2019

Ident 4 for Drama's 'Summer Evenings' strand features Danny John-Jules, actor in the series Death In Paradise which the ident here introduces.

Latest Additions - 02/08/2019

BBC World News (Coming Up) - 2019

A short sting from 2019 to advertise shows coming up next on BBC World News.

Latest Additions - 01/08/2019

BBC World News (World News Today) - 2019

Special titles to one of the many news shows throughout the day on the World News Channel from shortly before the July 2019 graphic refresh. Somewhat unimaginatively titled 'World News Today', although the presenter Karin Giannone almost appears to forget the show's name at the start.

Latest Additions - 31/07/2019

BBC World News (Promo) - 2019

The same promo for Outside Source on BBC World News after the Reith refresh on 15th July 2019. Obviously the fonts have all changed, but several other graphical tweaks have been made to things like the endboard style and the channel box logo.

Latest Additions - 30/07/2019

BBC World News (Promo) - 2019

An example of the promo style for BBC World News from just before the Reith refresh in July 2019. Here promoting the show Outside Source, broadcast across both the domestic and world news channels from the BBC.

Latest Additions - 29/07/2019

ITV (Brandon Saunders) - 2019

Brandon Saunders' fifth ident first appeared into the 2pm junction on 29th July, following the usual pattern of first day broadcasts for ITV Creates.

ITV (Brandon Saunders) - 2019

The fourth ident for Brandon Saunders' week on ITV Creates, featuring more setup shots. This first aired into the 1.30pm junction on the 29th.

ITV (Brandon Saunders) - 2019

Ident 3 from Brandon Saunders, featuring setup shots for the artwork for that week. As first used into the 12.30 junction on 29th July.

ITV (Brandon Saunders) - 2019

The second ident from Brandon Saunders, as first aired into the 10.30 junction on 29th July 2019.

ITV (Brandon Saunders) - 2019

Week 31, starting from July 29th, featured work from Brandon Saunders depicting the ITV logo as an electrical circuit.

Latest Additions - 28/07/2019

BBC World News (Ident - Sport) - 2019

The pre-programme idents/stings for BBC World News also received an update with the Reith refresh in July 2019. The Sport variant here, with the wording having now moved to the left of the screen and the globe moved right... albeit with the background wording for 'Hong Kong' still disappearing at the same point it would have gone offscreen completely in the previous look.

Latest Additions - 27/07/2019

BBC World News (This Week) - 2009

The 2009 opening titles to 'This Week' on BBC World News. This Week one of many programme strands on the channel and focused on a look back at the stories that have appeared on the channel over the past week.

BBC World News (Promo) - 2009

An example of the promo style for the BBC World News channel from 2009.

Latest Additions - 26/07/2019

HTV News (End) - 2000

The end titles to the HTV West news. From 2000 here, but still in the same look as above.

Latest Additions - 25/07/2019

BBC One (Scotland - Eilean Donan) - 1999

Filmed in Scotland once more, this time Eilean Donan Castle features under the balloon.

Latest Additions - 24/07/2019

HTV News (Break) - 1999

A quick look at what is coming up after the break on HTV News in 1999.

Latest Additions - 23/07/2019

BBC One (Scotland - Forth Bridge 2) - 1999

Another ident featuring Forth Bridge in Scotland, with both the balloon and the bridge being shot from further away this time round.

HTV (Next) - 1999

A yellow hearts-branded next slide for HTV, with a reminder on how to claim on your warranty if you're not entirely happy with your programme that evening.

Latest Additions - 22/07/2019

ITV (Olivia Weston & Emily Downing) - 2019

2pm saw the fifth ITV Creates ident for week 30 appear for the first time. Complete with more setup shots of the work.

ITV (Olivia Weston & Emily Downing) - 2019

The fourth ITV Creates ident featuring work from Emily Downing and Olivia Weston, as first aired into the 1.30pm news junction on the first day of their week.

ITV (Olivia Weston & Emily Downing) - 2019

ITV Creates ident number 3 from Olivia Weston and Emily Downing, as first aired into the 12.30pm junction.

ITV (Olivia Weston & Emily Downing) - 2019

Ident 2 for the ITV Creates piece from Olivia Weston and Emily Downing, first aired into the 10.30 junction on 22nd July, features the setup shots for that week.

ITV (Olivia Weston & Emily Downing) - 2019

Week 30 of ITV Creates features work from Olivia Weston and Emily Downing featuring the ITV logo made up of painted patterns on hands. First aired at 6am on 22nd July 2019.

Latest Additions - 21/07/2019

News West - 1999

The extended version of the 'News West' titles, to introduce the main 6pm bulletin for the West. The News West name would continue in use until 2000, when the 'Points West' name would be reintroduced, having been dropped originally in the early 90s.

Latest Additions - 20/07/2019

HTV News (Backtrack) - 1999

A montage of old HTV West idents feature in the titles for their Backtrack strand - A feature within HTV's News digging old footage out from the archives.

Latest Additions - 19/07/2019

HTV News (Opening) - 1999

The opening titles from HTV West's news in 1999. Complete with a pre-recorded ident attached to the programme itself. Sherrie Eugene and Kevin Owen present as headlines include The Queen's Maundy Visit to Bristol, and American Bombers gathering in the region as part of the Kosovo conflict.

Latest Additions - 18/07/2019

Drama (Summer Evenings) - 2019

A third special 'Summer Evenings' ident from Drama for July 2019. This time mostly focused on actor Martin Shaw dancing at the garden party.

Latest Additions - 17/07/2019

Drama (Summer Evenings) - 2019

A second special ident from Drama for their 'Summer Evenings' season, this time featuring swinging in slow motion in the garden.

BBC One NI (Hole In Oneness) - 2019

Following on from his stint in the booth, the next night Laurence Lyle appeared in a special NI ident. Poking some light-hearted fun at the Oneness branding, whilst also promoting more Open coverage on BBC One Northern Ireland.

Latest Additions - 16/07/2019

BBC One NI (Open For Summer IVC) - 2019

Laurence Lyle takes over the continuity booth for a special link into the 7pm junction on 15th July. Laurence is a comedy character being used to promote The Open coverage on BBC One Northern Ireland.

ITV (Weather Breakdown) - 2019

A short breakdown during the evening national weather on ITV. In the middle of the forecast, the picture freezes, before dropping back to a silent ITV breakdown slide, at least in Scotland. After showing this for a short period, the forecast continues as normal. Although this was recorded from STV, no local breakdown slide was inserted by the Scottish station.

Points West - 2019

The late titles to BBC Points West, featuring night time shots from around the region.

BBC London News - 2019

Lots of shots of London at night for the late edition of their local news, first aired on July 15th 2019.

Look North (Yorks and Lincs) - 2019

Some buildings at night, mixed with shots of nightlife, make up the late titles for the East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire edition of Look North.

Look North (Yorkshire) - 2019

Outdoor shots at night from around the region make up the late titles for the Yorkshire edition of Look North.

North West Tonight - 2019

Outdoor drone footage shot in the dark makes up the late titles to BBC's North West Tonight bulletin. First aired on 15th July 2019.

BBC Breakfast (Opening) - 2019

With Reith having launched on the news channel at 9am on the 15th, Breakfast didn't receive its refresh in the new font until the following morning. From the 16th July 2019, fonts were changed over to the new style on graphics, although the overall style of the titles remained unchanged.

Latest Additions - 15/07/2019

Drama (Summer Evenings) - 2019

A special ident from Drama for their 'Summer Evenings' season, airing from 15th July 2019. Notable for being some of the first special idents to appear on a UKTV station since the BBC Studios/Discovery split the prior month.

Drama (Summer Evenings Break) - 2019

Another special break bumper to mark Drama's 'Summer Evenings' season, based on the same footage as the dancing ident.

Drama (Summer Evenings Break) - 2019

A themed break bumper for Drama's 'Summer Evenings' season. The special break bumpers are usually based on the same scenes as the idents, just re-edited slightly different or at a later point. Here a scene slightly further on from the 'swing' ident appears.

Latest Additions - 30/06/2019

Teletext on 4 (Midlands) - 20/2/1994

A 1994 service from Teletext Ltd, still under the 'Teletext on 4' branding at this point. Officially it's from the Midlands region, although the importance of the regional service on 4 was less prominent than on 3, mainly affecting things like show and cinema listings. The Winter Olympics are in full swing at this point, so a lot of pages are dedicated to this. Meanwhile Digitiser is taking a look at Amiga Public Domain software, and full motion interactive movies on the Mega CD. In the 300s, the Intelfax-produced Ancillary service '4-Tel' for Channel 4 can also be found, providing important backup information for shows on the channel.


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