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~ ITV1 Regions - 2002 Onwards ~
From the 28th October, regional names on idents were downgraded to only being used before Regional programmes. Within a matter of weeks of the relaunch, the regional ident stopped appearing before regional news in the Granada Media regions. Then, in May 2003 stranger things happened. They stopped appearing before all regional programming, being replaced by the generic ITV1 ident. Region names totally destroyed within 8 month.... or so it seemed. They suddenly reappeared a few month later, shortly before the September 2003 refresh, when more brand new regional idents were produced. Was it just an experiment to see if anyone would notice? Who knows! Thanks to Ashley B for all the Granada and Yorkshire clips. Certainly subsequent rebrands have been subjected to ever shrinking region names on the idents.

ITV1 Tyne Tees

ITV1 Tyne Tees - Ant and Dec
Oh great! As if we dont see enough of them already, up in the North East, we get to see them before regional programmes too!

ITV1 Tyne Tees - Robson Green
Another Tyne Tees 'local celebrity' ident. This time featuring Robson Green.

ITV1 Tyne Tees - Gaby Logan
This regional ident was used when Tyne Tees opted out of a network football match to show Newcastle instead; Amazing that for once they were allowed an opt-out! It wasn't perfectly clean, in that you still see a brief flash of the network ident, but it was better than nothing.

ITV1 Tyne Tees 2004 - Ant and Dec
From after the 2003 refresh, a full version of one of the Ant and Dec regional idents.

ITV1 Tyne Tees 2004 - Wendy Craig
Short version of this regional variant.

ITV1 Yorkshire

ITV1 Yorkshire - Amanda Redman
The long version of the regional ident. Remember the announcement as well... it may come back to haunt you later.

ITV1 Yorkshire - Carol Vorderman
Another long version of the regional ident, leading into Calendar.

ITV1 Yorkshire - Christine Talbot
A truly regional ident, in that it actually features Calendar's presenter Christine Talbot.

ITV1 Yorkshire - Gaynor Faye
Compare the announcement on this to the one on the Carol Vorderman ident, and you may notice a few similarities.

ITV1 Yorkshire - Leah Bracknell
I told you to remember the announcement earlier, and you can now see why. Not exactly a great amount of imagination going into the scripts for these.

ITV1 Yorkshire - Leah Bracknell
Leah again, this time in the short version of the ident.

ITV1 Yorkshire - Derek Fowlds
Derek Fowlds, of Heartbeat fame, in the long version of the Yorkshire ident.

ITV1 Yorkshire - Carol Vorderman
Carol, in the short version of the ident.

ITV1 Yorkshire - Derek Fowlds
Mr Fowlds again, this time in the short version of the Yorkshire ident.

ITV1 Granada

ITV1 Granada - Lucy Meacock
Granada's truly regional ident, featuring Lucy Meacock from Granada Reports.

ITV1 Granada - Cilla Black
The long version of the Granada ident, featuring Cilla Black.

ITV1 Granada - Cilla Black 2
Cilla again, this time in a short version of the ident.

ITV1 Granada - Paul 'O Grady
Paul O' Grady (Who's all but abandoned Lily these days!) features in this ITV1 Granada ident.

ITV1 Granada - Cold Feet
James Nesbitt and Helen Baxendale, from Cold Feet, appear in this short Granada ident. Does anyone else get the feeling this same announcement was used across all the GMG regions?

ITV1 Granada 2003
One of the new idents after the 2003 refresh.

ITV1 Granada 2003
Short version from the 2003 set, featuring Phillip Schofield.

ITV1 Granada 2004
November 2004, and another new graphics package. Continuing the trend of things, the effort put into the regional ident goes down even further consisting of nothing more than a word fading in at the very end. (As expected, the next 'regional' in 2006 was even weaker). Long version of the Granada variant here.

ITV1 Granada 2004
The short version of the 2004 ident.

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