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A Whirling Mass of Television and Poor Web Design (Retro Intro Tagline!)

Not new footage, however we have had rather a significant overdue update to the site design for the end of 2015. The main site templating is all now responsive, so should work well on both tablets and mobiles as well as the desktop. This has required me to rebuild the entire menu and navigation system and update over a hundred pages though so there may be some broken links or mistakes that have crept in. If you spot anything, give me a shout on Twitter and I'll get it fixed. Although support for IE6 and 7 has finally been retired now.

Videowise, the site is currently on a bit of a hiatus from any major updates, mainly until I have a bit more enthusiasm to get my teeth into a full rebuild, although you will find I still pop up without warning if there's something exciting happening on the current presentation scene (sadly a rarer occurence with some of the work being churned out by the brand agencies these days). I don't cover everything, but anything new is usually well covered by the likes of TV Live and The Ident Gallery, and even in a lot of cases these days the broadcaster's themselves!

That said, we're staying online with the current archive. Additionally if you keep an eye on the odds and sods list below, some random little bits and pieces pop up on there from time to time without me saying anything!

~ Terence

Special Coverage Pages

From time to time, TV Whirl covers what are lovingly called 'events'. Not necessarily the latest channel rebrand, they're just small points in history or groups of related content that folks might like to see, however as they're not linked in well elsewhere in the site's current navigation, they're all listed here!

Channel 4 Rebrand - 29/9/2015
Happy Birthday 2010
Teletext In View
Comeback Ads 2009
Christmas Box 2009
Digital Switchover (NW/Granada)
ITV News Rebrand 2009
Dave Lister 2009
Christmas Box 2008
BBC2 2007
C4 @ 25 2007
Christmas Box 2006

~ Site awards ~
TellyWeb Awards 2003 Image

Awarded the 'Best Specialist Site' and 'Best Site for Children's TV' awards in the TellyWeb Awards 2003. I didn't do as well in 2004/2005 mind, and I think he's given up for 2006! =;)


~ Worst Ad Award ~
On hold Post 2006.
October 2005 - Cillat Bang
November 2005 - Sheila's Wheels
December 2005 - Sheila's Wheels
Jan/Feb 2006 - Sheila's Wheels


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