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A Whirling Mass of Television and Poor Web Design (Retro Intro Tagline!)

Well that was a little unexpected and a return to the olden days of surprise rebrands, rather than rebrands revealed months in advance on Youtube.

On September 29th 2015, Channel 4 unveiled a brand new look. After over 10 years of the previous surrealist package, a fresh new set burst into life at 9pm on a Tuesday. In a rare break from hiatus, we cover the rebrand here... like every other pres site...

Channel 4 Rebrand - 2015

At the moment the site is currently on a pause from any major updates, mainly until I have a bit more enthusiasm to get my teeth into things. You're not missing much on current pres though, as it's well covered by the likes of TV Live and The Ident Gallery, and even in a lot of cases these days the broadcaster's themselves!

That said, we're staying online with the current archive, and smaller updates are still being crept in in the background. We've recently moved to a newer, faster server. The backend embedded video player has also been updated and increased in size, to take advantage of some of the benefits that came about with the new version of Flash in the summer. Additionally if you keep an eye on the odds and sods list below, some random little bits and pieces pop up on there from time to time without me saying anything!

~ Terence

Special Coverage Pages

From time to time, TV Whirl covers what are lovingly called 'events'. Not necessarily the latest channel rebrand, they're just small points in history or groups of related content that folks might like to see, however as they're not linked in well elsewhere in the site's current navigation, they're all listed here!

Channel 4 Rebrand - 29/9/2015
Happy Birthday 2010
Teletext In View
Comeback Ads 2009
Christmas Box 2009
Digital Switchover (NW/Granada)
ITV News Rebrand 2009
Dave Lister 2009
Christmas Box 2008
BBC2 2007
C4 @ 25 2007

Odds n' Sods

And finally, some random other clips only around for a short while, which have no page to keep them warm.

BBC2 HD - Launch Junction - 26/3/2013
BBC2 - Last Pages From Ceefax Outtro - 22/10/2012
BBC2 - Last Pages From Ceefax Intro - 22/10/2012
BBC One (Chris Moyles Link) - 17/3/2011
Channel 4 (Abbey) - 1/1/2011
BBC One HD (10pm Optout) - 3/11/2010
BBC One HD (10pm Headlines) - 3/11/2010
BBC One HD (Regional 8pm News) - 3/11/2010
BBC One HD (Launch) - 3/11/2010
Millennium Bug (Action Pack) - 1998 - 13/10/2010
S4C (Election 2010 Glitch) - 6/5/2010
S4C (Election 2010) - 6/5/2010
ITV1 HD (Bike) - 4/4/2010
ITV1 HD (Marketplace) - 4/4/2010
Doctor Who Confidential (New Series) - 3/4/2010
TTTV (Short Ident) - 1998
Who Wants to be a Millionaire (1st Promo) - 1998
C3NE + In Bed with Medinner - 1997

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