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~ Granada News ~
Despite the company appearing more interested in global media domination these days, they still manage to put out a local news service for the North West. Thanks to Ashley B for most of the stuff on this page.

Granada Tonight - 2001
Granada Tonight was Granada's main evening news programme, until it was replaced in October 2001. I tend to think theses titles have a distinct American feel to them.

Granada Tonight Headlines - 2001
The Headline sequence for Granada Tonight.

Granada Tonight Break - 2001
Into a break on Granada Tonight, with a reminder of what's still to come.

Granada Tonight Break End - 2001
Welcome back to Granada Tonight.

Granada Tonight End - 2001
The long end credits to Granada Tonight.

Granada News End - 2001
The end titles to a short News Bulletin.

Granada Reports - 2001
In October 2001, Granada decided to rebrand their news. The flagship programme reverted to a name which had been used many years earlier; Granada Reports, and with it came this new title sequence.

Granada Reports Coming Up - 2001
Still to come on the programme...

Granada Reports - 2001
The sting used in the programme.

Granada Reports Credits - 2001
Finally the closing credits to Granada Tonight.... complete with Granada Endcap!

Granada Reports Weekly - 2001
A weekly roundup of all the regions stories... and this time the graphics are blue!!

Granada Reports Weekly Break - 2001
The break bumper for Granada Reports Weekly.

Granada Reports Weekly Return - 2001
Welcome back! Looking very similar, it's the bumper from the other side of the break.

Granada News - 2001
Back to Yellow again, and here are the post-October 2001 titles from a short News Bulletin.

Granada News End - 2001
The accompanying short bulletin closing credits.

Granada Election - 2001
Some really exciting (!) titles to a special Election News programme from Granada.

Granada Reports - 2003
Late Summer 2003 saw another new look for Granada's News Output, whilst still keeping the same basic theme. Here we have the new Granada Reports sequence, complete with titles, headlines, and a dodgy switch out of widescreen at the beginning. =;)

Granada Reports End - 2003
The new end titles for Grananda Reports.

Granada Reports - 2004
As with all the new ITV plc regions, Granada adopted the new look, as well as making a few minor changes to the studio in 2004. Here are the opening titles from the first programme, courtesy of Ashley B. What better way to kick off a new look than with a technical fault; first we have 10 seconds of the LNN transmission testcard.

Granada Reports End - 2004
The Ending to the ITV plc-icised Granada Reports.

Granada New Look Report - 2004
A big file here containing the report from Granada about the merger, and the new look news. It features some brief snippets of the other regions, as well as explaining what the merger actually means to viewers.

ITV Granada Reports - 2006
In a good display of the same co-ordination that was seen in the last relaunch of the news (which coincided with the formation of ITV plc), the sets for all the regional ITV Newsrooms across the country were tweaked once more (mostly lighting changes to make it more teal), as well as some lovely new titles being introduced, all for the network rebrand in January 2006. They still feature local imagery as before, however now an additional piece of the instrumental music is heard. This clip stems from Granada's news, and note the appearance of 'ITV' in all the region's titles now.

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Ashley B (Who captured nearly everything on this page) -

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