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Children's programming has always been around on ITV to some degree. The package which is CITV, however, began in January 1983. Since then it has grown in the amount of time dedicated to it, though in more recent times this is being slashed again. More recently in March 2006, ITV launched a dedicated channel on digital under the CITV banner.

CITV 1989-2001

Childrens ITV Ident 1989
For ITV's first corporate logo change, they also brought in a generic CITV logo. The video clip here is very brief, and was shown as part of the Birthday Bash Programme in 2003.

Childrens ITV Ident 1992
After the collapse of the ITV generic look(about 1991), this new look was introduced, and remained in use for several years, with only slight modifications to the animation and music. (Oh, and the word 'Childrens' was dropped in the mid-90s)

Childrens ITV Advert 1992
An advert for some of the programmes on CITV in 1992. How many of them can you remember...

CITV 1994 (Caterpillar)
After they decided to abolish in-vision continuity on CITV, they initially replaced it with a rather bad set of idents which combined the Logo with a mixture of live action and simple computer graphics. Luckily the opening and closing sequence remained the same, albeit with new music.

CITV Ident 1994
With a giant caterpillar. The costs of graphics here clearly immense!

CITV 1994 Advert
Another advert for CITV, again with loads of old CITV programmes. The real thing I hate about this is the voice-over. Done by a guy called Steven Ryde (who doesn't take criticism well it would seem), he provided just about all of the out-of-vision voices on CITV from 1993 to 1998. Whilst he is more than capable of announcing, Central really should have hired more than one v/o, as having only one person to do every link as well as try to do multiple different voices on a promo became a bit repetitive. (Can you imagine such a system on any other ITV channel's pres?) Indeed why they couldn't just borrow some of the announcers from elsewhere in what was then still a fully living station, we'll never know.

CITV Summer 1997 Town
In late 1996/early 1997, some really smart person went one worse on the '94 idents. They created 'CITV town'. A collection of paper-maché models filmed in a stop-frame animation style. Does anybody know if the models were actually real (as the 98 launch seemed to indicate), or just computer-generated.

CITV 2001 Advert
In early 1998, the biggest changes in well over 5 years came to CITV. ITV finally invested a huge budget (or at least for a while...), in providing a proper studio, new presenters, and fancy graphics. Originally such studio space was a tiny affair at Central TV, but Central managed to up the size of it in latter years by moving it into part of their news studio. The shape of the CITV lettering also changed at this point. Various campaigns and trails have been used over the years since, some of them doubling up as idents as was the case with this one with the slogan 'Be Part Of It' in 2001, trying to encourage people to get involved.

CITV 2001 Advert B
Another of the 'Be Part of it' ads.

CITV 2001 Advert C
And a third example of the 'Be Part of it' campaign. My, how these kids are going to regret this in later life!

CITV 2001 Tellytots
Tellytots was a strand for young children's programming, though iosts a shame the voiceover cast is somewhat limited. Just when we thought we had heard the last of Mr Ryde with the reintroduction of live action, he crops up to provide the voices of characters in the pre-school slot.

CITV - 2005
Skipping on a bit to 2005 now, and things have changed quite a bit. Despite repeated budget cutbacks by ITV, Central managed to maintain an almost complete in-vision service right up until the latter part of 2004 from their Birmingham base. Sadly the service finally succumbed to the closing of all non-news production bases outside of Yorkshire, Granada and London under ITV plc. Provision of the Children's service instead moved to Granada in Manchester, with it being taken back out of vision, and being filled with wall-to-wall idents and promotions. Perhaps the new voiceovers are destined to become the new Mr Ryde too? Only time will tell. Originally hopes were pinned by most of us on this only being a cheap and not-quite-so-cheerful stopgap measure until a new joint service between ITV and Nickleodeon launched, however that deal fell through with ITV going it alone to launch the CITV channel, and continuing the low-cost service. Still, out of vision still comes with idents; this one being made up from a robot forming the CITV logo.

CITV - 2005
Alien spaceships from the repeated-into-the-ground CITV program 'My Parents Are Aliens' form the CITV logo this time.

CITV Advert - 2005
A programme promotion from 2005.

CITV Coming Up - 2005
Running down a list of the days programmes.

CITV Promo - 2005
Ah one of the many wonders of not having an invision service is the amount of extra time it leaves you to run self promotion. So here CITV... advertise themselves!

CITV Promo - 2005
A second (and much more developed) self-promotional trail for CITV.

CITV Presenters

Tommy Boyd 1992
This is one of the earliest recordings I have of in-vision CITV presentation. The bad-hair-day guy in it is Tommy Boyd, who used to present Wacaday on TV-AM(Thanks to Geoff Cox for that info). He returned to present CITV in 1991, after having last done the job back in 1983. After the generic look fell through, CITV was dumped back in this 'broom cupboard' studio, with loads of strange objects in the background.

Stephen Mulhern 2001
In-vision presentation disappeared for several years, before Danielle and Steven were brought in in 1998 to front the new CITV. This is an example showing Steven in 2001.

Danielle 2001
... and now for a 2001 example of Danielle, whose surname is mentioned on tape somewhere, but I can never remember.

Thomas Darville 2000
Thomas Darvill was an extra presenter brought in in 2000. There was another female presenter Andrea (who appears in a file on the mistakes page of the site), but she quietly disappeared not long after starting.

Leah, David and Leigh - 2001
In September 2001, a vote was launched to try and find 2 new presenters. At the end of it, they actually appointed 3 of the 4, but never mind. Here is the first appearance of Leah, David and Leigh in the studio, shortly after the results had been announced. In December, Danielle and Tom suddenly left, leaving Steven and these new 3 to present.

CITV Competitions

CITV Competition 2001(Example A)
Since the relaunch in 1998, ITV has budgeted for competitions nearly every day, often funded through deals with the companies supplying them(ie, it helps advertise the product). Here are just a few of the competitions from 2001, with different rhymes to accompany them. Some say this was when CITV was at its creative peak.

CITV Competition 2001(Example B)
This version is done by Tom.

CITV Competition 2001(Example C)
Here we have Danielle doing the chant. But this also shows her getting a bit tongue-tied trying to read out the question.

CITV Competition 2001(Example D)
...and just so he doesnt feel left out, here is a short version by Steven.

CITV Birthday Bash 2003

CITV Birthday Ad 2003
To celebrate 20 years of CITV, Central produced a brilliant birthday bash programme, showing archive footage, and bringing back old guests. One can only assume by this point the team in Birmingham knew their days were numbered what with mergers and takeovers, so wanted to go all out one last time. This is the advert for it, with loads of little idents animating in the top-right.

CITV Birthday Titles 2003
The opening titles from the Birthday Bash programme, showing clips of lots of old CITV idents, mixed in with the current design.

CITV Birthday Ident 2003 B
Leading into and out of every break in the birthday programme was a bumper which showed an old ident from CITV. Sadly, due to the poor network timing, the first ident was cut short. I suspect it was the rocketship version from 1983. Luckily, ITV managed to time the rest of the breaks correctly, so here is the second ident shown, dating from the mid-80s.

CITV Birthday Ident 2003 C
Showing the CITV ident from 1989.

CITV Birthday Ident 2003 D
Also from 1989, the generic CITV ident. This was in use alongside the ident above.

CITV Birthday Ident 2003 E
The CITV ident from 1996 features in this bumper. Note the lack of the word 'Childrens' now.

CITV Birthday Ident 2003 F
The last ident shown dates from 1998, and was the first to be used when in-vision presenters were brought back.

CITV White Knuckle Tour - 2001

CITV Ride of Terror (Steven) - 2001
Over the summer of 2001, at the peak of the last in vision days from Central, the CITV team went out on the road to tour theme parks all over the UK as part of The White Knuckle Tour. Once a week a different venue featured, with a chance for a voted presenter to have to take the 'Ride of Terror' (Namely one of the parks scariest rides). Clips from a few of these now follows. First up is Steven at Drayton Manor.

CITV Ride of Terror (Danielle) - 2001
Danielle at Alton Towers.

CITV Ride of Terror Ident - 2001
The special ident for use during the White Knuckle Tour.

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