Tes Fun - TV as it shouldn't be(& Thankfully isn't)

This is a page, containing files that I have made, just for fun. It contains some of the more rediculous things that could happen on TV, but generally don't. By the way, I don't mean to offend any of the TV companies mentioned in the files! It's just for fun.


TTTV 1959 - Channel 8
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Due to the way television used to be broadcast, when Tyne Tees first was first launched, they used to broadcast on Channel 8. At least things have progressed a long way since then... or have they?

TTTV 1969 - Now In Colour
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Tyne Tees Television starts its first ever day of colour broadcasting in 1969. Of course they take full advantage of the new colour opportunities now available.

YTV - Serving 6million..
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The eighties, and Yorkshire TV feel it is their duty to make some comment about them 'serving 6 million' in their ident. Budgets at the time are very tight though. The perfect solution is found, which is both cost effective, and puts across Yorkshire's Chevron as a household name(or in this case item!!).  In order to understand this, you need a keen eye to be able to identify things...

TTTV 1987 - Good Morning
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Tyne Tees Television says good morning, with the standard start-up message from the 80's, as well as introducing the first programme.

ITV 1990
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I don't know about you, but I find it annoying when ITV insist on putting their logo, in our region. They did it in 1989, and again in 1999. Wouldn't it be interesting if the tables were turned on them... This file is worth downloading, just to hear the announcer's voice at the end!

BBC1 1990 - Now In Stereo
Download Real Media File - 135k         Download Windows Media File - 88k

BBC 1, runs their first NICAM stereo broadcast in 1990. Of course, they have to take full advantage of this. For this file, you should listen to it preferably through earphones, or through speakers that are at least a metre apart. Be warned that in the Realmedia version of this, the sound is a bit 'clicky'... their fault, not mine!!

Channel 4 1995
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Ah the good old Channel 4 logo where the little pieces used to join together; shame it had to change!!

BBC Xmas 2000
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In Christmas 2000, the BBC used a balloon which you could actually see someone in as their logo. I wonder why it was only used for a short period of time...(This file is one of my favourite, and funniest)


Channel 4 Television - http://www.channel4.com
BBC Television - http://www.bbc.co.uk
ITV - http://www.itv.co.uk
Tyne Tees Television - http://www.tynetees-tv.co.uk

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