Dave 2014-Present


~ Dave 2014-Present ~

Dave saw a rebrand of it's whole presentation package in April 2014, maintaining some of the surreal nature associated with the channel, but now appearing as part of the wider world. Idents consist of various scenarios which start out normal, but then have a slightly different Dave 'twist'. Other presentation elements, such as trailer endboards and some break bumpers, took on a blackboard style.

Dave (Horse Clamped) - 2017

Many of the new idents in the package consist of a base ident, but with several variants of each creating a large range for use. In this car park version, the horse someone has parked there finds itself clamped.

Dave (Hamster Bowls) - 2017

A friendly game of bowls suddenly gains a hamster as an extra participant, before it rolls off bottom of the screen again.

Dave (Sushi Belt - Shopping) - 2017

A belt of fresh sushi rolls past. Although in Dave-style, someone has left their shopping on there too.

Dave (Sushi Belt - Luggage) - 2017

The sushi belt features again, only this time with Dave's luggage going around it instead. This is the short version of this ident.

Dave (Bar Ketchup) - 2017

At the bar now, and I'll have a glass of your finest Dave Ketchup please.

Dave (X-Ray Scanner - Dishes) - 2017

An airport scanner with luggage passing through. And in this variant of it, someone's dirty dishes too.

Dave (Bike Rack - Jet Ski) - 2017

A bike rack containing lots of bikes, as you would expect. Until you reach Dave of course, who have decided to leave their Jet Ski there today.

Dave (Darts - Kebab) - 2017

Some friendly games down at the Dave pub again. As one guy plays pool, a darts game is going on in the background. Although people, possibly working to a new set of hipster rules, have been throwing shish kebab at the board instead.

Dave (Alarm Cockerel) - 2017

Come along to the Dave store and choose from our varied selection of alarm clocks. Unfortunately someone made a small typo on one of the order sheets, but we'll run with it!

Dave (Golf - Car) - 2017

A golf buggy with a difference from Dave. At least if that car is there, it's not getting any parking tickets!

Dave (6 Second News) - 2015

Dave often takes a tongue-in-cheek approach to presentation, bringing out occasional special short sequences. Here, gently ribbing BBC Three's 60 Second News, Dave came up with their own occasional take on fast news bulletins with some short sequences designed to sit in breaks entitled '6 Second News'. This one from 2015 was put out as part of the Transfer Deadline Day in 2015.

Dave (6 Second News) - 2015

Another Transfer Day special, this time with some strong language as the live news presenter tells 'guy waving in the background' what we always want them to say.

Dave (Bumper - Dodgems) - 2017

A short bumper using a Dave branded dodgem car.

Dave (Break - Pride) - 2017

A special Pride coloured break bumper added to channel presentation to mark London Pride in July 2017.

Dave (Break - UKTV) - 2017

Mixed in with the fully Dave-branded presentation are more generic blue UKTV branded elements designed to cross-promote all of the channels in their network. Here is the Dave variant of the UKTV 'all channels' break bumper, which starts off with Dave centred, before quickly circling round all the other channels available.

Dave (Break - Horse) - 2017

A break bumper based on Dave's Horse Clamping ident.

Dave (Break - Bowls) - 2017

A break bumper based on the bowls ident.

Dave (Break - Sushi Belt) - 2017

A short break bumper this time based on the sushi belt ident.

Dave (Promo) - 2017

A promotion for Dave, featuring the chalkboard presentation graphic style that was introduced alongside the 2014 refresh.

Dave (UKTV Play - Promo) - 2017

Another Dave promo, this time advertising the availability of one of their own-produced shows via their on-demand video application UKTV Play.

Dave (UKTV Original Production) - 2017

A new production sting was introduced to the UKTV Network from September 2017, inplace of the previous teal themed animation. Still used to lead into original productions for UKTV channels.

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