Quest Red

Quest Red was launched by Discovery Networks in March 2017, nearly 8 years after their original launch of Quest. Marketed as a sister channel to Quest, Quest Red has more of a lifestyle slant with a presentation package to match.

Quest Red (Reading) - 2017

The launch package for Quest Red consisted of various everyday scenes with the Quest Red logo dropped over the end. In this ident, a woman struggles to stay awake in bed as she reads a book.

Quest Red (Leaves) - 2017

A woman kicks around piles of leaves this time round.

Quest Red (Bubblewrap) - 2017

After removing a vase, what else are you going to do with all that bubblewrap?

Quest Red (Dog) - 2017

A dog picks up a bone and runs forward in this Quest Red ident

Quest Red (Promo) - 2017

An example of the promo style for Quest Red. Very similar in style to that of the main Quest channel, just utilising their different signature colours.

Quest Red (Promo) - 2017

A slightly different promo style for a programme further in the future. This time featuring 'Quest Red' being shown onscreen during the promotion, rather than the date and time.

Quest Red (Warning) - 2017

An example of a programme warning from the channel. Very similar in style to announcements from the main Quest channel, just with the different use of colours.

Quest Red (Fair) - Christmas 2017

For their first Christmas in 2017, Quest Red introduced presentation featuring a paper origami style forming up scenes. Houses and a fairground feature in the ident here.

Quest Red (Reindeer) - Christmas 2017

A second ident for Christmas 2017 on Quest Red. This time a Reindeer and a Tree feature in the foreground, as a whole team of reindeer fly past in the background.

Quest Red (ECP) - Christmas 2017

The same style is applied to ECPs for Christmas on Quest Red.

Quest Red (Promo) - Christmas 2017

The Christmas 2017 promo style for Quest Red uses the same origami cutout style for the endboard and final logo.

Quest Red (Donuts) - 2018

Matching the change of the main Quest station, in summer 2018 an updated Quest Red logo was introduced dropping the large map pin sitting above the logo. Similar to Quest, the existing idents were kept with only a minor refresh. Someone picks a donut off a table in this ident.

Quest Red (Reading) - 2018

The updated 2018 version of the Reading ident for Quest Red.

Quest Red (Bubblewrap) - 2018

An updated version of the bubblewrap ident for Quest Red, featuring the new logo at the end.

Quest Red (Cat) - 2018

A refreshed logo for 2018 for sister channel Quest Red, but the cat continues watching that fishbowl just as it has always done.

Quest Red (Dog) - 2018

The updated Quest Red logo applied to the dog ident.

Quest Red (Checkout) - 2018

The updated Quest Red logo applied to the existing Supermarket Checkout ident.



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