Quest Red

Quest Red was launched by Discovery Networks in March 2017, nearly 8 years after their original launch of Quest. Marketed as a sister channel to Quest, Quest Red has more of a lifestyle slant with a presentation package to match.

Quest Red (Reading) - 2017

The launch package for Quest Red consisted of various everyday scenes with the Quest Red logo dropped over the end. In this ident, a woman struggles to stay awake in bed as she reads a book.

Quest Red (Leaves) - 2017

A woman kicks around piles of leaves this time round.

Quest Red (Bubblewrap) - 2017

After removing a vase, what else are you going to do with all that bubblewrap?

Quest Red (Dog) - 2017

A dog picks up a bone and runs forward in this Quest Red ident

Quest Red (Promo) - 2017

An example of the promo style for Quest Red. Very similar in style to that of the main Quest channel, just utilising their different signature colours.

Quest Red (Promo) - 2017

A slightly different promo style for a programme further in the future. This time featuring 'Quest Red' being shown onscreen during the promotion, rather than the date and time.

Quest Red (Warning) - 2017

An example of a programme warning from the channel. Very similar in style to announcements from the main Quest channel, just with the different use of colours.

Quest Red (Fair) - Christmas 2017

For their first Christmas in 2017, Quest Red introduced presentation featuring a paper origami style forming up scenes. Houses and a fairground feature in the ident here.

Quest Red (Reindeer) - Christmas 2017

A second ident for Christmas 2017 on Quest Red. This time a Reindeer and a Tree feature in the foreground, as a whole team of reindeer fly past in the background.

Quest Red (ECP) - Christmas 2017

The same style is applied to ECPs for Christmas on Quest Red.

Quest Red (Promo) - Christmas 2017

The Christmas 2017 promo style for Quest Red uses the same origami cutout style for the endboard and final logo.



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