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~ Yorkshire Television - 1968-2002 ~

Yorkshire Television were later than some on the ITV scene, not beginning broadcasting until 1968, when they took over from the existing holder ABC. The station has retained both it's distinctive Yellow Chevron, and the jingle from it's launch until present day (or until the ITV1 generic look in 2002 anyway!). Yorkshire was one of the first companies on the network to buy out another region after it became deregulated in the 90s, taking over Tyne Tees. It is due to that early takeover that Yorkshire's site in Leeds remains the main Northern Playout Centre on the ITV network, obviously behind London, as everything has to come second to London! Thanks to Ashley B for most of the clips on this page.

Yorkshire 1968

From 1968, the original Black and White chevron. The first and last time an animated ident would be used for some years to come.

Yorkshire 1970s

A Yorkshire ident from the mid 70s. Caught from a repeat of Rising Damp on Channel 4, where they accidentally left on the frontcap.

Yorkshire 1988

Yorkshire Television's fairly impressive (for the time), and much-loved liquid gold ident from the late 80s. The exact example here is a frontcap.

Yorkshire 2001 (Stone Balls)

Jumping forward a bit to 2001, where most of the clips on this page date from. Introduced in 1999, the Chevron and jingle are still there, alongside clips from the region. There are many variations of this ident, each with different landmarks depicted. There now follows several of these idents, both long and short. This long version shows some giant Stone Balls.

Yorkshire 2001 (Gargoyle)

A stone Gargoyle kicks off this ident.

Yorkshire 2001 (Sandcastles)

A Sandcastle with a windmill can be seen this time.

Yorkshire 2001 (Fountains)

Maggie Mash talks over some fountains.

Yorkshire 2001 (Spire)

er... it's a funny pointy thing!

Yorkshire 2001 (Castle)

Some shots of a castle this time round.

Yorkshire 2001 (Windmill) - Clean

page. In the programme junction prior to this, 2 announcements had been accidentally played at the same time, meaning the next junction, this one, went out clean.

Yorkshire 2001 (Groynes)

Some shots of a castle this time round.

Yorkshire 2001 (Memorial)

A memorial can be seen this time.

Yorkshire 2001 (Whitby)

Shots from across the town of Whitby this time.

Yorkshire 2001 (Glass)

Not really sure what this is, other than a load of glass!

Yorkshire 2001 (Cooling Towers)

Ooooh! Some big Chimneys!

Yorkshire 2001 (Fish Mosaic)

Just when you thought you'd seen everything, Yorkshire brings you a Mosaic fish!

Yorkshire 2001 Short A

Now for the short versions of the idents, which lack the famous jingle!

Yorkshire 2001 Short B

Lots of churchy shots in this ident.

Yorkshire 2001 Short C

It's those fountains again.

Yorkshire 2001 Short D

A short flash of the Chimneys.

Yorkshire 2001 Short E

er... it's a circle!

Yorkshire 2001 Short F

Some more buildings, in another ident.

Yorkshire 2001 Short G

More building shots, before becoming fixed on what looks like a pair of birds.

Yorkshire 2001 Short H

Yet more random shots of local buildings.

Yorkshire 2001 Short I

It's that strange pyramid-shaped thing again, then there's a tudor house.

Yorkshire 2001 Short J

Hey. It's the Stone Balls again!

Yorkshire 2001 Short K

Is that a statue of a swan at the beginning?

Yorkshire 2001 Short L

A Blurry shot of people walking past. Perhaps Yorkshire grew tired of filming buildings!

Yorkshire 2001 Short M

The Groynes version... in short form!

Yorkshire 2001 Short N

The sun shines over.... some big rock!

Yorkshire 2001 Short O

Sandcastles again. Oh, and listen to the announcer talk about the all-new Crossroads. That turned out to be a great success, didn't it (!)

Yorkshire 2001 Short P

Lots of arches in this short version.

Yorkshire ITV 2001

Typical! Yorkshire went to all the trouble of producing the above idents in 1999, then a matter of a few months later, Granada forced the generic look on them, relegating the previous set to use before regional programmes only!

Yorkshire ITV1 2001

In August 2001, the idents were altered to include the ITV1 branding.

Yorkshire - Last Announcement From Leeds - 28/10/2002

On the 28th October 2002, the last ever announcement from Leeds was made, with Granada moving everything to London from later that day. In a touching last announcement, Bob Preedy bids us all a fond farewell from all the Yorkshire Television announcers since 1968.

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