ITV 2019-Present (Jan 2020 Onwards)

A new batch of ITV Creates, taking us into 2020, and marking the continuation of the original 'Project 52' beyond 2019.

ITV (Saj Fareed) - 2020

After a gap of a fortnight reusing 2019 idents, a new ITV Creates ident set appeared at 6am on January 13th 2020, marking the first to air after the initial 'Project 52' had finished. Saj Fareed is the lead artist this time, with a group from Asian Women's Resource Centre constructing the ITV logo out of soft materials.

ITV (Saj Fareed) - 2020

With the new ident-less weekday junction style having kicked in the previous week, it was 1.30pm before the next airing of an ident on ITV on 13th January, and that was a repeat of the 6am ident. The second ident from Saj Fareed finally aired into the 2pm junction.

ITV (Saj Fareed) - 2020

The third ident for Saj Fareed's week on ITV Creates, first aired into the 3pm junction on 13th January 2020.

ITV (Saj Fareed) - 2020

Ident 4 from Saj Fareed and her team first aired into the 4pm junction on 13th January 2020.

ITV (Saj Fareed) - 2020

The fifth ident from Saj Fareed and the group was the plain 'news safe' ident, and made its first appearance before the regional news at 6pm. Shown here from the Granada region.



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