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CITV (Snowman) - Christmas 2008

Given the appeal of Christmas to children, it's not surprising all the children's channels have seasonal presentation (traditionally starting much earlier than the main ones!). For 2008, the main CITV Channel idents consisted of various shapes in a Kalaiedoscope effect. In a recession, it's handy to save money by only animating a bit of the screen and letting reflections do the rest!

CITV (Toy) - Christmas 2008

We've had snowmen, now it's time to mirror toy drummers. With obligatory My Parents Are Aliens spaceship superimposed over the top naturally!

CITV (Break) - Christmas 2008

Even the bumpers into breaks see a bit of festive decoration, matching the shape of the onscreen identifier.

CITV (Promo) - Christmas 2008

A short sequence wishing a Merry Christmas and promoting the CITV Channel at the same time. Most likely designed to air outside the main channel in some of the now well hidden ITV1 children slots.

CITV (Next) - Christmas 2008

The animated next slides see some extra snow for the season.

CITV - Christmas 2009

ITV's Christmas Presentation for 2009 was fairly sparse, though there is a recession going on! ITV1 saw a rehash of the same 2008 package, whilst ITV2 didn't even see any cheap sparkles added to their logo for once. ITV3/4 were similarly neglected. The CITV Channel saw more effort, probably as the channel's main branding had only changed a few months earlier and christmas is probably one time children's channels aren't short on budgets!. An example of one of the idents here.

CITV (Promo) - Christmas 2009

Channel promos saw no expense spared, with snowflakes added over the top. Bright yellow backgrounds for children's presentation hasn't been done before either...

CITV (Break) - Christmas 2009

The break bumper for the channel sees a similar addition of snow for the season.

CITV (Break 2) - Christmas 2009

A second break bumper, once again with snow over the top.

CITV (Promo) - 2013

An example of the trailer style under the Big Yellow C look from 2013.



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