Originally part of the UKTV Network, the Home channel launched in April 2009, taking on the home and gardening shows that had previously appeared on the UKTV Style channel. Initially a subscription channel, it was later moved to FTA status on Freeview with carriage on Freesat following most recently in 2017.

Home was spun out from the UKTV network into Discovery ownership in June 2019. This was as part of a split deal between previous joint UKTV owners BBC Studios and Discovery Networks which saw Discovery take on the lifestyle channels from the group.

Home (Dog - Short) - 2017

Idents on Home consist of shots of various homes with small annotations overlaid as the camera pans around. Similar to other UKTV channels, two length variants of their idents exist, with shorter ones usually being used without announcement during daytime, and the longer ones with continuity used during the peak hours. This is a short variant of the version featuring a dog.

Home (Dog - Long) - 2017

A longer version of the dog ident, this time showing more shots from the outside too.

Home (Cat - Short) - 2017

Instead of a dog, there's a cat this time - still on the sofa. Short version of this one.

Home (Cat - Long) - 2017

A longer version of the cat ident, this time showing more of the house.

Home (Woman - Long) - 2017

A woman in a red top walks around the home for this ident. Longer version with continuity.

Home (Teenager - Long) - 2017

A long version of an ident featuring a teenager for Home this time.

Home (Break - UKTV) - 2017

The Home centred version of the general UKTV network break bumper.

Home (Break - Table) - 2017

Home bumpers, used both in and out of breaks and to separate other presentation elements on the channel, feature various shots from around the home. A short bumper here featuring a shot of a table.

Home (Break - Painting) - 2017

A slightly longer bumper where the Home logo can be seen forming up. This time by an unhung picture.

Home (Break - Sink) - 2017

We're going to focus on the bathroom sink for the break bumper this time round.

Home (Break - Dog) - 2017

The dog from the main idents continues to laze on the sofa in this bumper.

Home (Promo) - 2017

An example of the promo style on Home. This particular one making an extra effort to highlight Freesat, with their August 2017 addition to the platform.



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