Paramount Network

Following the launch across the US, Viacom brought Paramount Network to the UK on July 4th 2018. Unlike in the US where it replaced Spike, in the UK the new channel sits alongside the earlier rebranded 5Spike. Designed to bring a mix of both movies from the Paramount Studio back catalogue, and dramas acquired from elsewhere, the channel has been promoted as part of the Channel 5 family of channels rather than under the parent company directly. With all the 5 channels broadcasting a short simulcast promotion during primetime on the launch day, several hours after the channel had quietly appeared.

Paramount Network (Welcome) - 2018

To mark the launch of Paramount Network in the UK, a special simulcast block was cleared across all the Channel 5 channels for 8pm on 4/7/2018. With the slot essentially being used as somewhere to place this extended trailer for the new channel.

Paramount Network (Promo) - 2018

Promos on Paramount Network consist of clips, interspersed with large white text slides set against a blue background. An example of the style, here promoting the latest series of Suits - a show which had not been renewed by previous home Dave in 2017.

Paramount Network - 2018

A longer formup on this Paramount Network ident. Featuring all the different walking-away scenes spliced together, before finishing with the airport once more. This ident tends to be appear more during Primetime hours, alongside the non-generic continuity.

Paramount Network - 2018

Other idents on Paramount Network consist of a single scene with people walking away from the camera. Here, a group walk away in an airport.

Paramount Network - 2018

A couple walking down a jetty at night is the setting for this Paramount Network ident.

Paramount Network - 2018

Warriors walk towards battle in this Paramount ident.

Paramount Network - 2018

A couple run towards their car in the sand, casting away a bouquet in the process.

Paramount Network - 2018

Walking down a smokey alley at night, where even the Paramount logo can be seen moving in and out of the light. Complete with some proper programme-tailored continuity during primetime hours.

Paramount Network - 2018

Good to see those magic gardens are still finding work even after BBC One dropped them. Here featuring two children running away from the camera.

Paramount Network - 2018

Walking towards a bright UFO in the night sky for this Paramount Network ident.

Paramount Network (Menu) - 2018

A programme menu for Paramount Network, looking at some connected shows airing on the channel the following evening. With a very Channel-5-esque documentary in the middle, just in case you'd forgotten they were part of the Channel 5 family!



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