Five US/Fiver


~ Five US/Fiver ~

Channel 5 was a little late to the multichannel scene compared to their bigger rivals at the BBC, ITV and Channel 4. But finally they launched 2 additional channels. Initially launching under the names Five Life and Five US, the channels have gone through a series of names over their relatively short lifespans.

Fiver - Christmas 2008

Five's sister channel Fiver, the rebranded version of Five Life, saw a series of snowy scenes dotted with their usual coloured cursor.

Fiver - Christmas 2009

2009 from Fiver saw a pres package based upon the 2008 look, with coloured lights.

Five US - Christmas 2008

To the surprise of many, even Five US saw some festive decoration, going for the 'Happy Holidays' wording inkeeping with their American tone, and a giant lit up Five US logo. The brief flash of the Horrific wording presumably relating to their Nightmare at Christmas season shown in celebration!

Five US (Promo) - Christmas 2008

A cheerful, happy promo for Five US's Nightmare at Christmas, complete with festive lighting on the Five US logo.

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