E4 initially launched as a pay TV channel in 2001, designed to bring programming for a younger adult audience, before moving to Freeview in 2005. Originally famous for being the home of Friends repeats, a fact they would frequently even mock in later years, the channel features a mix of comedy and American imports. All presented in a fairly irreverent style.

E4 - 2007-2013

E4 (Bedroom) - 2009

This surreal ident package was first introduced in 2007, lasting through until 2013. In most cases, a recurring teddy pig style character meets the blunt end of various objects and scenarios. In this sequence, a bedroom is taken over by purple tentacles and overflowing slime. I have to pay good money for those sorts of images online you know!

E4 (Living Room) - 2009

In the living room of the house now, and a quick lesson in how most digital design agencies try and look hipster, before the chair disappears into the floor.

E4 (Barn) - 2009

Moving to the barn on a farm for this third ident from E4. But still continuing with the surrealism, and the almost deranged attempts to kill off that little character. A cheerful reminder of those famous days of yore on E4 where every other announcement would be an introduction to an episode of Friends too.

E4 (Storage Unit) - 2009

For those times we all go through when you think 'I wish I had a huge collection of kettles and microwaves, rather than just having one like a fool'.

E4 (Beach) - 2009

A nice day out at the beach... but beware those sand sharks. And the reappearance of those purple tentacles, just when we thought we'd seen the last of them.

E4 (Thursdays are Funnyest) - 2009

A special ident put together alongside various trailers as part of a shortlived 'Thursdays are Funnyest' programme strand. A little less surreal than the regular idents, a man stands around holding a sign whilst wearing nothing but a pair of E4 underwear.

E4 (Menu) - 2009

Very similar in style to that of their bigger sister Channel 4, E4 had it's own version of the rundown menu used to list all the programmes coming up on a particular day. Different variants existed each with varying opening opening graphics - In this one it's the purple wallpaper version.

E4 (Menu) - 2009

An alternative background to start off another rundown menu, this time with a white base and a lot more paint in use.

E4 (Cross Menu) - 2009

Made in the same style as the single channel rundown menu is this cross channel menu. Each of the Channel 4's family of channels is featured one at a time, just to let you know what's on next on all of them.

E4 (Next) - 2009

One of several short generic E4 animated holding sequences played out whilst the announcer lets us know what's coming next.

E4 (Promo) - 2009

A trailer from E4 advertising a raft of new shows to the channel. All airing on Thursday, they'd branded the strand 'Thursdays are Funnyest', and filmed a man with a sign in several different locations. Voiceovers on E4 trailers at this point were still provided by the well-known Peter Dickson. A veteran of the voiceover industry, he provided the voiceovers (and even appeared occasionally invision) for nearly every E4 trailer from 2006, before eventually being quietly phased out around 2010. After many years off, he started voicing some new trailers for the station in late 2016.

E4 (E-Sting - Rabbit and Frog) - 2009

The main idents for E4 don't change much over the years. So as an ingenious way to keep the whole package fresh, every year Channel 4 run a competition for 'e-stings'. A series of break bumpers which are put together by members of the public which convey the E4 brand in wacky and creative ways, with a new competition generally held every 2 years to keep the set refreshed. In this one from 2009, a paper cutout rabbit and frog feature.

E4 (E-Sting - Airline Safety) - 2009

In this E-Sting, we're reminded of airline safety E4-style.

E4 (Break) - Christmas 2009

Inkeeping with their stance for the past 4 years, 2009 saw no christmas presentation for Channel 4. Rather more quietly though, their sister channel E4 saw their usual user submitted E-Stings replaced by a series of festive stings with 2 characters... though don't ask me what they are! In this version, a snowy scene and a set of drums feature. This whole set of stings was to reappear years later for Christmas 2016.

E4 (Break) - Christmas 2009

A second version, on the railway, in the snow...

E4 (Break) - Christmas 2009

Having a dance... in the snow...

E4 (Break) - Christmas 2009

And finally, a bus stop, an E4 umbrella, and some snow... with... predictable results...

E4 (Break) - Christmas 2009

A completely different style to this one, set against a sparkly and shiny purple background, the two characters dance festively.

E4 - 2013-Present

E4 (Cafe) - 2016

In 2013, after 6 long years, the presentation package on E4 was refreshed. Out went the surreal idents with teddy pigs to be replaced with... well... a different set of surreal idents. This time round, each ident features a character referred to as Eefer and his dog in various locations and situations. Text and graphic elements in each ident are replaceable, expanding just the initial number of possible variations to the ident set, as well as theoretically allowing the set to be easily updated to remain topical as time goes on.

E4 (Student Digs) - 2016

Eefer settles down to watch television in his student digs, complete with multiple throwbacks to the previous presentation package. In this 2016 example, some of the changeable text areas have been used to add their 'Channel of the Year' accolade. Meanwhile The Big Bang Theory has taken over the mantle from Friends as the programme they often make tongue in cheek references about the number of repeat showings on the channel.

E4 (Caravan Park) - 2016

Eefer is having a barbeque on a caravan park, again complete with the 'Digital Channel of the Year' tagline.

E4 (Slide) - 2016

An example of the general slide style used by E4 from the 2013 rebrand onwards. This particular example follows the airing of the We're The Superhumans Paralympics trailer and although the audio announcement itself is shared across all channels, the onscreen text is updated to match the brand of the channel airing it.

E4 (Promo) - 2016

A trailer for a selection of different programmes coming up on E4 over the summer on 2016, this time grouped under a very loose 'E4 Summer Stay-cation' strand.

E4 (ECP) - 2016

End Credit Promotions on E4 remained very similar after their 2013 rebrand, just updated to use their new 'pinboard' style of graphics and fonts.

E4 (E-Sting - Wooly Package) - 2015

The E-Stings concept survived almost completely unchanged after the 2013 rebrand - the only real change being the font at the end being updated to the new house style, but retaining the same sound effect. This E-sting was introduced as part of the 2015 competition, and features an old lady giving a very special gift. Despite the usual 2 year cycle of the E-Sting competition, no new competition was held in 2017, with the 2015 batch continuing beyond this.

E4 (E-Sting - Chameleon) - 2015

Another 2015 E-Sting competition entry. This time, a chameleon gets more than he bargains for.

E4 (E-Sting - Breakdance) - 2015

Some animated breakdancing for this E-Sting, from the 2015 competition.

E4 (E-Sting - Cut Out Chaos) - 2015

Introduced after the 2015 competition, this E-Sting features a variety of cut out images cycling through before finishing on the E4 logo.

E4 (E-Sting - Animal House) - 2015

Footage of various animals is mixed in with drawn elements to create the 'Animal House' E-Sting, from the 2015 competition.

E4 (E-Sting - Belly of the Whale) - 2015

Showing what happens inside the belly of an E4-shaped whale for this E-Sting. Proof of the terrible effects upon wildlife that marine pollution has.

E4 (E-Sting - Estore) - 2015

Russian dolls almost inexplicably sat among some shopping for this E-sting from the 2015 competition.

E4 (E-Sting - Sheep Sucking) - 2015

Just some sheep innocently grazing in the field, until a giant vacuum comes along of course!

E4 (E-Sting - Eggstore) - 2015

A guy, in a truck covered in speakers, hauling a giant egg, all features this 2015 E-Sting. You just know it represents E4 due to all those E4 logos on it!

E4 (E-Sting - Graham Flannel) - 2015

Internet sensation (probably) Graham Flannel for E4 this time. Some puppetry, a flyswatter, and a laugh not-borrowed-from-The-Simpsons for this 2015 E-Sting.

E4 (E-Sting - Moo-Tings) - 2015

One cow spurting milk on another cow, whilst a third cow flies past in the background. It's either the plot to a dodgy adult film, or the plot for another 2015 E-Sting - you decide!

E4 (E-Sting - Shadow) - 2015

Rabbit, Fox, Horse - the less well known variant of Rock, Paper, Scissors. Silhouettes of various animals morph on the wall, before finishing with an E4 logo for this E-Sting.

E4 (E-Sting - Whack-a-shark) - 2015

An octopus whacks a variety of sharks, until a larger shark appears to sort things out.

E4 (E-Sting - Sloth Party) - 2015

From that brief era where sloths were very popular, a bunch of them hold a party in this E4 E-Sting, brought in with the 2015 batch.

E4 (Timeless - In Colour) - 2016

In order to countdown to the launch of their new series Timeless, in December 2016 E4 gave their idents some retro treatment. From the 8.30 junction, and we're hovering around the late 60s/early 70s for the channel.

E4 (Timeless - Black and White) - 2016

Even further back into the depths of time for the 9pm junction, and this time it's an era of black and white filmstrips. With authentic period Twitter signage!

E4 (Break - Celebs Go Dating) - 2017

In place of some E-Stings, special break bumpers in September 2017 to mark the third series of Celebs Go Dating on E4. Callum Best features in this one.

E4 (Break - Celebs Go Dating) - 2017

Another special break bumper for Celebs Go Dating. Georgia Toffolo in this one.

E4 (Break - Celebs Go Dating) - 2017

Yet another break bumper for Celebs Go Dating on E4. Frankie Cocozza in this one.

E4 (Break - Celebs Go Dating) - 2017

A fourth Celebs Go Dating break bumper for E4. Bobby Norris in this one... Apparently!

E4 (Break - Celebs Go Dating) - 2017

Another Celebs Go Dating bumper, this time featuring Charlotte Dawson.

E4 (Break - Celebs Go Dating) - 2017

Sarah-Jane Crawford in this Celebs Go Dating breakbumper.

E4 (Break - Celebs Go Dating) - 2017

James Argent runs his hand through his hair in another exciting E4 bumper for Celebs Go Dating.

E4 (Advertising Premiere) - 2017

A short sting used to introduce an advertising premiere on E4 in September 2017. Similar to how they sell advert premieres on the main Channel 4, during big shows (by E4 standards), they'll sometimes push a special premiere of an advertising campaign - here for Visit Scotland.

E4 (Big Bang Theory Continuity) - 2017

An evening of special continuity from Kunal Nayyar (known onscreen as Raj in the show) on E4 in order to mark the start of the 11th season of The Big Bang Theory in the UK on October 12th 2017. After a regular menu for the evening, a quick Q&A session starts over the café ident.

E4 (Big Bang Theory Continuity) - 2017

Kunal Nayyar again providing the full link over the E4 Hill Walking ident, to mark the start of a new season of The Big Bang Theory.

E4 (Big Bang Theory Continuity) - 2017

A third link from Kunal Nayyar (Raj) to mark the start of The Big Bang Theory Season 11, this time over the Canal ident.

E4 (Big Bang Theory Continuity) - 2017

Kunal Nayyar (Raj from The Big Bang Theory) in another link for E4 over the Café ident again.

E4 (Promo) - Christmas 2017

E4's endboard sees some additional festive adornments for 2017, in a season which featured little other Christmas presentation for the channel.

E4 (Break - Logo) - 2017

One of several generic E4 break bumpers, most commonly used for internal breaks in shows. Each feature the purple 'pinboard' background, and a large E4 logo focussed on in a different way. In this variant, there's a rapid right to left pan around the logo.

E4 (Break - Logo) - 2017

Another spin, but from different angles and directions in this generic E4 break bumper.

E4 (Break - Logo) - 2017

The E4 logo starts off upside down in this break bumper, but one quick spin later, and that's fixed.

E4 (Break - Logo) - 2018

Another generic E4 bumper, this time with the logo starting out of focus before becoming clearer.

E4 (Break - Logo) - 2018

A close up version of the E4 logo slowly moves from the right hand side towards the left in this short break bumper.

E4 (Break - Hill Walking) - 2018

For the internal breaks on shows without sponsors, shortened versions of the main ident set are sometimes used in order to break up the show from channel promos. Here a few seconds of Hill Walking is shown.

E4 (Break - Student Digs) - 2018

The Student Digs version of the break bumper.

E4 (Break - Canal Boat) - 2018

Another short break bumper, this time based on the Canal Boat ident.

E4 (Break - Celebs Go Dating) - 2018

With the return of a fourth series of Celebs Go Dating on February 4th 2018, E4 reprised their white break bumper idea, with the cast of the latest series featured instead. This time round, most of them even get two different shots in rather than just one. Gemma Collins stars in this one.

E4 (Break - Celebs Go Dating) - 2018

Talia Storm with a balloon and a microphone for this Celebs Go Dating bumper.

E4 (Break - Celebs Go Dating) - 2018

Sam Thompson, another Made in Chelsea star, appears in this break bumper with a ballpit.

E4 (Break - Celebs Go Dating) - 2018

Ollie Locke appears in this E4 bumper for Celebs Go Dating. Along with a lobster.

E4 (Break - Celebs Go Dating) - 2018

Michael Thalassitis appears in this E4 bumper for Celebs Go Dating. Apparently some items of clothing have failed to appear with him, much to his surprise!

E4 (Break - Five Star Hotel) - 2018

Not long after the end of Celebs Go Dating, more special break bumpers were introduced in March 2018 on E4 to promote the next celeb 'reality' show to roll off the conveyor belt, named Five Star Hotel. Not even an E4 logo in sight this time around, just Joey Essex dressed in purple.

E4 (Break - Five Star Hotel) - 2018

Lydia Bright in another break bumper based on the Five Star Hotel series.

E4 (Break - Five Star Hotel) - 2018

Ashley Cain appears in a third Five Star Hotel break bumper for E4.

E4 (Break - Five Star Hotel) - 2018

Holly Hagan appears this time round in an E4 break bumper for Five Star Hotel.



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