Channel 4 - 2015 Onwards


~ Channel 4 - 2015 Onwards ~

Managing an excellent job of keeping the rebrand under wraps, word of a change of look for Channel 4 came mere hours beforehand on the 29th September 2015. The whole look was then teased out over the course of the programme in the 9pm slot. A bit of a damp squib of idents with them making more fuss of them 'being alternative and edgy by not featuring our logo at all', but a nice surprise nonetheless.

Although despite all the 'we need no logo' hyperbole at launch, 2017 saw them quietly slip back in some brief flashes of the blocks in the '4' shape at the start and end of breaks. In October 2017, the idents themselves were replaced with a new set featuring a character formed of the 4 blocks, although the rest of the presentation package remained.

Channel 4 (Last Menu) - 29/9/2015 8pm

Nearing the end of the old look, the menu from the 8pm junction on 29/9/2015.

Channel 4 (Last Ident) - 29/9/2015 8pm

The last ident of the old look shown on Channel 4 in the 8pm junction was also a return to one of the first. At over 10 years worth of use, that block of flats certainly got plenty of airtime, even if it wasn't always well received by residents.

Channel 4 (Last Credits) - 29/9/2015 9pm

Still giving nothing away at the junction before 9pm.

Channel 4 (First Reveal Countdown) - 29/9/2015 9pm

And then it's in, subtly at 9pm, and promising more to come...

Channel 4 (Water Ident) - 29/9/2015 9.15pm

First break, and a lot of water and crystals...

Channel 4 (Shuffle Ident) - 29/9/2015 9.30pm

Second break, and BBC One Rhythm and Dance horror flashbacks anyone...

Channel 4 (Mining Ident) - 29/9/2015 9.45pm

Some monkeys, miners and explosions. Yeah, I have no idea either!

Channel 4 (ECP) - 29/9/2015 10pm

New ECP Style for Channel 4. And can I go to if I've been affected by creepy idents during the show?

Channel 4 (Microscope Ident) - 29/9/2015 10pm

Channel 4... powered by Powergen? In another obscure ident, one of the blocks from 4 is looked at under a microscope. And found to have creatures living on it!

Channel 4 (Promo Style) - 29/9/2015 10.20pm

With a repeat of the first water ident at 10pm, it looked like the main initial reveal was over. In keeping with this, the 10.20 junction featured a more regular programme promotion, at least letting us see the new style (even if it had already been revealed on their website - well you can't win em all).

Channel 4 (Lunchtime Bulletin) - 30/9/2015

Some first glimpses of the new look news, and the clock reappears again.

Channel 4 (Simpsons) - 30/9/2015

Still a special ident for The Simpsons at 6pm... although I have a hunch Fox won't be clamouring to use this one in an episode like its predecessor!

Channel 4 News - 30/9/2015

Rebranding the news slightly as part of the 2015 new look. Or... tweaked look news at least!

Channel 4 (We're The Superhumans) - 2016

After their successful first Superhumans trailer for the 2012 London Paralympics, Channel 4 were keen to push things even further for the 2016 event in Rio. The result, which began airing in July 2016, was the We're The Superhumans trailer. In a 3 minute long trailer, heavily aired across all the whole of the Channel 4 family over the summer, over 100 disabled people from a mix of athletes to regular members of the public show what they can achieve, all set to a cover of Yes I Can performed by Tony Dee.

Channel 4 (Quarry - Slow) - 2017

An alternative variant based off the original mining ident from 2015, where only the explosion of the quarry is focussed on in a slow motion.

Channel 4 (Microscope - Slow) - 2017

Another variation based off the original set of 2015 idents. This time using the Microscope ident, just with the only focus being on the block under the purple spotlight.

Channel 4 (Crystal Bumper) - 2017

A special version of the block breaker device used at the start of breaks and post idents, this time with a Crystal rolling down the blocks. Designed to promote the return of The Crystal Maze to screens in June 2017.

Channel 4 (Yellow Bumper) - 2017

Originally the blocks at the start and end of breaks were randomly placed with no formation of the Channel 4 logo present. In June 2017, a new batch were added where the 4 can be seen for a brief flash before the blocks collapse.

Channel 4 (Bumper Blue/Purple) - 2017

Another flash of the 4 blocks, this time a bit easier to spot.

Channel 4 (Bumper - Orange/Black) - 2017

Another bumper with the 4 blocks visible for the briefest of moments. Blink and you may miss it!

Channel 4 (Bumper - Yellow/Purple) - 2017

Starting off with a black background which turns to purple.

Channel 4 (Bumper - Black/Green) - 2017

A bright green background for this 4 bumper.

Channel 4 (Promo) - 2017

A formed 4 now appearing for a brief moment during promos after the June 2017 tweak, before falling back into their usual broken up state.

Channel 4 (Pride Weekend) - 2017

To celebrate London Pride Weekend on 4, the 50 Shades of Gay season ident which had already been in use before special programmes was put into use before all shows, with voiceovers recorded by different members of the community. Phillip Adlem, the police officer who proposed at the 2016 event, provides a generic recorded announcement over this early morning broadcast.

2017 Refresh

Channel 4 (Hill Shout) - 2017

On October 31st 2017 just ahead of their 35th Birthday, Channel 4 released its latest set of idents. Replacing the films of blocks in random locations was a new set reminiscent of E4. A character made of the Channel 4 blocks interacts with various scenes, complete with a remix of the original Fourscore signature notes in the background. In this one, he walks to the top of the hills (again possibly borrowing inspiration from E4) before shouting out so loud the nearby village knows all about it.

Channel 4 (Kickabout) - 2017

In the inner city suburbs, the 4 character has a kickabout with some of the local children.

Channel 4 (Race) - 2017

The 4 character competes against some wheelchair racers... and loses.

Channel 4 (Transport) - 2017

The block man transports people across the ocean in this Channel 4 ident, possibly intended as bait in the hope certain tabloid rags would kick up a fuss.

Channel 4 (Rise of the Robots Season) - 2017

A very simplistic ident to mark the 'Rise of the Robots' season on Channel 4. A Smart Home Device shaped as a 4 block and a mobile phone (not at all inspired on any devices by Google, Amazon or Apple) have a conversation with one another, here to lead into an episode of The Simpsons. With animation onscreen reacting to the voices of the continuity announcers.

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