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~ Channel 4 1982-2004 ~

Channel 4 was launched on November 2nd 1982, over 20 years after the launch of the first independent television station and designed to produce programming with an alternative remit. Unlike ITV, however, there are not the multiple regions now, however the ability for ITV regions to insert ads and even opt out for programmes was there in the past (albeit little used outside of Schools Programming in the late 80s). This was when it was under its original form of being owned by the ITV Regions, however this all changed in 1993 when Channel 4 was granted independence. They broadcast to all of the UK, with the exception of Analogue Wales originally which was covered by a by S4C - a mix of programmes timeshifted from Channel 4 mixed with Welsh languages shows. In more recent years the company have launched various channels on digital.

Channel 4 Blocks (1982-1996)

Channel 4 1982

Probably the most famous of all Channel 4's idents. A series of coloured blocks join together to make up a 4. They kept it for over 13 years with minor tweaks to audio, before finally abandoning it in 1996. This version is from 1991, and has the original soundtrack. Thanks to James Hadfield for this.

Channel 4 - WorldWise 1986

A totally different formation for the blocks ident, this time with what looks like hundreds of tiny pieces making the '4'. This clip also includes an additional 'World Wise' ident, for a special Channel 4 season in 1986. Clip courtesy of Iam Burn.

Channel 4 Closedown 1989

Channel 4 was rather late on the scene in terms of all night broadcasting. They used to close down for the night, right up until 1996. This file shows the clock and closedown from 1989. Thanks again to James Hadfield.

4-Tel Advert 1989

An interesting ad for Channel 4's Teletext service in the late 80s. Notice the little animated characters, which also appeared overnight when 4-Tel pages were broadcast in vision during closedown. Courtesy of Ashley B.

Channel 4 Closedown 1991

Another closedown from Channel 4, with thanks to Ashley for the clip.

Channel 4 Closedown - Xmas 1991

A slight bit of festive decoration adorns this shutdown from Christmas 1990. Clip courtesy of Vincent Lo.

Channel 4 - Fourmations - 1993

A special ident for a strand known as 'Fourmations'. It was used before a series of short arty animations in 1993. Clip thanks to Iam Burn.

Channel 4 1995

This version is from 1995, and has a different soundtrack to the one introduced in 1982, as Channel 4 changed their music, but not their graphics in the early nineties.

Channel 4 1995 V2

An alternative version of the Coloured Blocks ident. The Blocks join together differently. This also has the 90's remix of the music.

Channel 4 1995 V3

A third block form up, once again with the new audio track. Thanks to Ashley B for this clip.

Channel 4 Closedown - 1995

The blocks ident may not have changed much visually by the middle of the 90s, but the clock certainly has. This closedown from December 1995 shows both the updated version of the clock, and the blocks with their new audio track.

Channel 4 Connections (1996-1999)

Channel 4 1996

When they finally replaced the coloured blocks, they came up with Connections. 4 circles, in different arrangements, one of which contained the 4. However it proved to be nowhere near as popular as the blocks. Nobody was interested in shots of a man washing his car, or people in a kitchen. Just a shame Channel 5 didn't learn from this mistake!

Channel 4 Christmas 1996

A Christmas 1996 version of the Connections ident. This is better than the normal ones, in my opinion, especially in its use of sound.

Channel 4 1998

Another of the connections idents - This time with a man washing his car! WOW!!

Channel 4 Lines (1999-2005)

Channel 4 Daytime 2001

Introduced in 1999, Channel 4's next idea for an ident involved a white box with the '4' logo in it, while coloured lines scroll in the background. This one shows a daytime variant from 2001. Whilst the usual idents featured a primary colour, the daytime variants consisted of several different versions, with different scenes in each.

Channel 4 Xmas 2000-2003

One of the Christmas versions of Channel 4's idents. Despite tweaks and updates to the normal idents, the same Christmas idents from 2000 were dug out again for 2001, 2002 and 2003 with 2004's idents being left completely unfestive presumably due to the impending relaunch a week later. Nice to see C4 putting a massive budget into Christmas Decoration anyway.

Channel 4 - 2002 (Water)

At the start of January 2002, Channel 4 unveiled some new idents. They still followed the lines theme, only this time it was tweaked with more of a live-action look. This version for example shows the logo in water.

Channel 4 - 2002 (Coloured Light)

Another 2002 ident, this time using bars of coloured light.

Channel 4 - 2002 (White Light)

A third new ident, this time using white lights(the 4 logo can also be seen to flicker like a light). Myself, I think this looks more like a Video Machine tuning signal.

Channel 4 - 2002 (Clouds)

A nice ident, showing the sky, with clouds making up the bars(well, its actually those aeroplane vapour trails, but never mind). My favourite of the new batch.

Channel 4 - 2002 (Film)

Shimmering spotlights make up the lines on this ident, usually used to lead into films. Thanks to Ashley for the clip.

Channel 4 - 2002 (Brookside)

A special ident, probably introduced prior to 2002, designed for showing before Brookside.

Channel 4 - 2002 (Menu)

On Channel 4 these days, it has become common practice to include a now and next menu over the ident, usually in Primetime. This shows one of these menus, over what looks to be a fifth new ident based around a heartbeat theme!

Channel 4 - 2002 (Sport)

Another special ident, used before sports programming. Clip courtesy of Ashley B.

Channel 4 - 2002 (Kids A)

One of a rarely seen collection of idents. Channel 4 had a weird set featuring a cartoon character, which were shown before the early morning cartoons (hence the reason few people have seen them!).

Channel 4 - Xmas 2002 (Dinosaur)

Despite the general lack of investment in new idents for Christmas 2002, Channel 4 did produce these special dinosaur versions to go before their programme 'Dinotopia'. Thanks to Ashley B for the clip.

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