BBC Two (2014-Present)


~ BBC Two (2014-Present) ~

In 2014, initially as part of birthday celebrations before becoming full time, the BBC reverted to using the ident set from 1991-2001 albeit with a few tweaks. In an age of ever tightening licence fee rises, spending large sums of money on a full channel rebrand is seen to be a bit of an extravagance. So the traditional set returned, albeit with some slight edits to introduce the newer teal coloured box of the channel. To keep things fresh, occasional new special idents are introduced to the regular set, and other branding elements such as trailer styles and menus are new.

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BBC Two - Dragons Den - 2016

One of the new special themed idents, on 24th July 2016 a new ident for BBC Two appeared to celebrate the return of two shows to the channel that evening - Robot Wars and Dragons Den. The ident was first aired at 8pm before the start of the new series of Robot Wars and featured both throwbacks to a large number of earlier idents from the channel, and the use of a centralised BBC Two logo as seen on trailers rather than the teal box.

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