BBC One 2006-Present


~ BBC One 2006-Present ~

The BBC rebranded their flagship channel again in 2006, consigning the much maligned dancers to history and bringing back hints of the globe heritage in the form of the 'circles' motif. With belt tightening becoming big at the BBC in recent times, this has currently ended up as one of the longest BBC One longest looks of modern times. Save for some tweaks to adjust the formup length, some of the main idents have remained in use for 10 years and counting, surpassing both the balloon and dancer sequences that had preceded it. More from this whole era will be coming to this page soon, but in the meantime have a selection from the launch night of BBC One HD. A high definition version of the main channel which began broadcasting on 3rd November 2010.

BBC One HD - Launch - 3/11/2010

The official launch of the HD version of BBC One was at 7pm on November 3rd - taking us into their flagship evening show The One Show with an announcerless ident.

BBC One HD - Regional News Junction - 3/11/2010

At launch, regional variations of BBC One HD were not available. Although the nations were added in the following years, as of 2016 the full rollout to regions was postponed with an expectation for it to come after the next charter renewal. As a result of this, regional slots on the channel are replaced either with trailers or with a slide advising people to tune to standard definition BBC One. The first showing of this was in the 8pm brief news update on BBC One.

BBC One HD - 10 O'Clock News - 3/11/2010

Another BBC One ident into the news at 10pm, and during the headlines we cut to the sports studio rather than the usual regional headline insert.

BBC One HD - 10 O'Clock News Regional - 3/11/2010

The actual regional news slot on BBC One HD for the 10 O'Clock news, giving us a chance to see some more of that slide. Trust me, after 6 years it'll get old...

BBC1 Wales - Chris Moyles Link - 17/3/2011

To raise money for Comic Relief in 2011, then BBC Radio 1 Breakfast host Chris Moyles went to beat the record for the longest continuous radio broadcast. In order to help promote this, one of the evening continuity links on BBC One was briefly handed over to Chris too.

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