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Mastercard/Access - Christmas 1996

The end of 1996 and the end of the Access credit card in the UK too. A commercial, themed for the Christmas season, just letting everyone know you'll soon be finding things sporting the new Mastercard logo rather than Access.

Maxpax - 1993

A very simple advert for Maxpax vending machines from the early 90s, presumably put together on a shoestring budget made up from coins which got stuck in one of their machines.

Maxwell House - 1993

If there's one thing I've always thought improves my coffee, it's the beans being grown in the mountains. Just like I find my toast always tastes better when buttered deep in a cave and my shirt looks more vibrant when washed in glacial water from Alaska.

McCoy's Cracker Snacks - 1993

A cheerful little ad for McCoy's from 1993, sent in by Iam Burn.

McDonalds - 1993

26 seconds of dull build up, before reaching a pretty disappointing climax. No, we're talking about an advert for a Big Mac, not my bedroom skills today!

McDonalds - 1996

Slightly more activity in this later McDonalds advert from 1996. This time round promoting their Monopoly giveaway - an occasionally recurring promotional tie up between the fast food chain and the boardgame which continues to current day.

McDonalds (Money Saving Tips - Launderette) - 1996

Another McDonalds Ad from 1996, and one of a series of 'Money Saving Tips' from the mid 90s featuring footage with effects applied to make it appear like an old and worn film from the 70s (yes, not all of that is from my aging Betamax). Here they detail how to save on the costs of a launderette by donating your clothes to a second hand shop, before buying them back later!

Mercury - 1993

Harry Enfield and Richard Branson star in this humourous little ad for Mercury Communications, done in the style of Enfield's Mr Chomondly-Warner and Greyson sketches. Clip courtesy of Iam Burn.

Midland Bank - 1991

Some years before their takeover by HSBC, Midland Bank taking a long time to tell us about their commitment on helping businesses with their banking.

Midland Bank - 1997

An advert from 1997, promoting Midland Bank as the bank that's listening. Basically, a Midland Bank worker overhears two blokes discussing what they want from their banking, then does a load of James-Bond style stunts to take the idea back to the bank's bright ideas department quickly! Also by now the branding from their parent company HSBC is well and truly starting to take hold, ahead of the full rename that was to follow.

Milk - 1987

Repeat 'Gonna Want Bottle' in a song enough times, and you'll obviously know it's an advert for milk. Thanks to Iam for this.

Millenium Bug - 1998

A nice little one to chalk up in the annals of 'never really panned out as such'. For the turn of the Millennium, there was an awful lot of worry about how computers would handle the date change to 00, with fears the sudden change of date could result in computer crashes which could destabilise the economy and DESTROY THE WORLD. To try and head off this, a massive campaign was run in the years running up to the year 2000 to make sure all businesses were ready!

Mint - 2004

Yay! There's a cute little Hamster in this advert for Mint Credit Card. Clip courtesy of Iam Burn.

M&Ms - 1991

A mix of a cheerful tune with some early 90s CGI makes up this M&Ms advert from 1991. Also note the lack of any blue sweets in the pack at that time.

M&Ms - 1997

Red and Yellow, the not-particularly-creatively named CGI M&M characters were brought in to front campaigns for the chocolate from 1995. Here they appear in an advert a few years later alongside footballer Ruud Gullit.

Nationwide - 1992

People from all professions, such as Photographers from Ilford and Builders from Hammersmith visit their branch of Nationwide, along with a little song. This ad is done in the same style as the next one, despite being from much earlier in the 90s. Advert courtesy of Iam Burn.

Nationwide - 1998

Another jolly little tune for the Nationwide Building Society, showing some of their different services, such as internet and phone-banking, in an entertaining way! Watch out for the Ghoulies and Ghosties!

National Lottery - 1995

One of the National Lottery ads, where we had the giant hand going 'It's You!!'. This one involves 'a little black dress', and was one of the funnier ones.

National Lottery - 1997

Still using their giant gold hand to let you know when 'it's you', it's the National Lottery from 1997.

Natwest - 1987

Natwest advertises their banks opening on Saturdays. Well, this was revolutionary at the time. Clip courtesy of Iam Burn.

Nescafe Gold Blend - 1984

Ah those dark days of the mid-80s, when it was still fine to suggest that the main thing a woman at a fancy dinner would be concerned about would be the gold jewellery she was wearing. Lots of such gold abound in this advert for Nescafé Gold Blend.

Nescafe - 1989

This Nescafe ad stars Paul Eddington and Derek Fowlds, reuniting their on-screen partnership from the BBC series Yes Minister.

Nescafé - 1991

Angela Thorne and the late Michael Elphick of Three Up, Two Down fame are reunited in an advert for Nescafé from 1991.

Nescafe - 1995

...and a much later ad for Nescafe.

News of the World - Christmas 1992

Long before phone-hacking scandals would see the end of the tabloid paper, Turkey is happy to have made it past another Christmas and is looking forward to the New Year's television.

Nike Airmax - 1993

Basketball player Charles Barkley kills the ref... opera style!

Nokia - 1995

Long before they were pushed off the mobile scene somewhat by new players like Apple come a few adverts from Nokia's heyday. First a short one from 1995 showing how you can use your Nokia to access all those things you need on your laptop.

Nokia - 1996

A longer advert for Nokia from 1996 going into more detail on the value of communication and keeping it simple.

Northern Electric - 1991

Heating from Northern Electric. Im sure I recognise the voice-over (Was he not on a Dettol advert at some point)

Northern Electric - 1995

A later heating ad from Northern Electric. This time the voiceover is provided by Victoria Wood.

Nova - 1990

This ad is well... strange! Basically its telling you how to train your new Vauxhall Nova to be a good car, and not attack the postman!

Oracle - 1991

Oracle used to provide the teletext service on ITV and Channel 4, up until it was outbid by the unimaginatively named 'Teletext ltd', losing it's franchise in 1993. Here is an advert from 1991 for their service. Thanks to Iam Burn for this ad.

Oriental Express - 1992

If The Borrowers had been done on such a shoestring budget that they all resided within the confines of a freezer, you might have ended up with this advert for Oriental Express from 1992.

Oxo - 1989

The Oxo family became well established on our screens throughout the eighties and nieties, as we followed them growing up. The final advert was broadcast in the late 90's, and featured only the Mother and Father, as everyone had already left. This one, from 1989, shows one of the ads from the family's heyday and features the late Lynda Bellingham.

Pal - 1993

Letting everyone know the 5 things PAL can bring your dog. Before telling us of the exciting new flavours available. I am particularly glad to hear they've launched Traditional Marrowbone. That newfangled Modern Marrowbone just wasn't the same!

Pedigree Chum - 1992

Endless different camera angles showing cute little puppies in this advert for Pedigree Chum from 1992.

Pedigree Chum - 2001

The puppies above are certainly cuter than the kids in this 2001 Pedigree Chum advert. Bah, humbug!

Peperami - 1995

Peperami... its a bit of an animal, and now he's found your TV.

Peperami - 1996

An insane ad for Peperami from 1996. Thanks to Iam Burn.

Pepperami Cheezie - 1997

Pepperami Cheezie... on the radio of all places. Thanks to Iam Burn.

Persil - 1992

Fatty food stains were seemingly the biggest problem affecting the world of laundry back in the early 90s, as every detergent or powder seemed to be promoting themselves as having the same fatty-food-stain-removing power. Persil joining in with this in 1992.

Persil - 1993

In the modern age, Unilever go to great lengths to tell us to keep their detergents, including Persil, out of the reach of children. Jump back to the early 90s though and involving your children was almost a part of the washing powder ad scene.

Peugeot - 1991

Another car advert, only this time it is for Peugeot! What it can do will literally 'take your breath away'!

Peugeot - 2001

A modern-day Peugeot advert!

PG Tips - 1992

There are 2 things PG Tips are famous for. Their tea, and the Chimps. The chimps were the main front for PG, for decades, until 2002, when finally they disappeared from our screens, to be replaced with the T-Birds. 4 Plasterceine characters. More recently they've revisited the chimp theme with a cunning return to the screens of Al and Munkeh. Here is one of those good-old chimp ads, from 1992.

Philadelphia - 1993

Ann Bryson and Sara Crowe star in one of a long running series of adverts for the then Kraft Philadelphia Spread. Ann has gone away on holiday and is getting a little homesick for her Philly...

Pilsbury Toaster Pockets - 1997

Harry Enfield reprises his 'Kevin the Teenager' routine for this advert for Toaster Pockets. Clip thanks to Iam Burn.

Pizza Hut - 1995

I bet you can all remember this Pizza Hut advert from 1995. It features the Underwood Rugby family.

Polycell - 1994

The secret services storm a building... only to find it belongs to some old ladies. Never mind, they'll have the place looking as good as new in no time. Clip courtesy of Iam Burn.

Pot Noodle - 1993

Pot TV from 1993; intense stuff. Nope I can't figure it all out either. =;) Thanks to Iam again.

Pot Noodle - 1998

A spoof of The Shawshank Redemption can be seen in this 1998 Ad for Pot Noodle. Thanks again to Iam for this.

Powergen/National Power - 1991

Following the privatisation of the electricity market between 1990 and 1991, shares were offered for the then newly formed companies National Power and Powergen. This animated advert encourages investors to get their own prospectus.

Prudential - 1994

Griff Rhys-Jones stars in this ad for the pru. Courtesy of Iam Burn.

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