Adverts D-G


Daily Star - 1993

A 1993 ad for Daily Star, advertising it as a paper for those who like to think for themselves. Thanks again to Iam Burn for this.

Dairylea - 1993

Forget worrying about lowering the minimum wage age - Kids will do anything just for the great taste of Dairylea!

Danish Bacon - 1993

Peter Sallis features in one of his less famous voice acting roles - promoting Danish Bacon.

Danepak - 1996

One of a series of adverts for Danepak Bacon used in the mid-nineties, where the delicious smell of bacon causes a nose to take on a life of its own.

Daz - 1995

Ah the cheesy days of the past, its the famous Daz Doorstep Challenge.

Debenhams - Christmas 1992

Snowman-style animation features in this wintery advert for the Debenhams Boxing Day sale from 1992. Using Sail On from the Commodores as backing music track.

Diamond White - 1991

Thanks to Iam for this 1990 ad in which things are not quite what they seem...

Diet Coke - 1992

A jolly little number from Coke from the early 90s! Clever editing together of footage creates a party full of the famous from throughout the ages.

Do It All - 1992

Richard Wilson provides the voiceover this time around for the now defunct DIY chain Do It All.

Domestos - 1987

Courtesy of Iam, a late 80s Domestos ad set to the song 'Big Bad John'. The sheriff, in the form of a bottle of Domestos, patrols the toilet protecting people from all known germs. Apologies for the sound quality on this clip.

Doritos - 1995

Halfway through Doritos and Chill and he gives you that look anyone? A dippy couple attempt to sex up the well known snack in the mid 90s.

Drifter - 1992

Talking in trendy speak in this ad, complete with normal english subtitles underneath. Courtesy of Iam Burn.

Drifter - 1993

Following the same style, another subtitled advert for Drifter from 1993. This time featuring a pair of surfers.

Dulux - 1991

Painting a wall to be proud of... whilst that Dog keeps watch!

Dulux - 1992

An advert for Dulux in 1992, with the famous dog interspersed again! This time round showing how a coat of paint can change the mood of almost anything!

Dulux - 2001

A much more recent, and certainly more hilarious advert for Dulux from 2001, with some plasterceine figures. (And yes the dog is still around, albeit no doubt a different actor!)

Ever Ready Gold Seal - 1992

From 1992, and the now discontinued Ever Ready Gold Seal line is advertised by the Forever Eddy story. A series of commercials extolling the virtues of how long the brand lasts.

Fairy - 1992

One of the many ads from the days when Fairy still used its famous white bottle, and when promoting washing up liquid as being good to your hands still worked as a marketing slogan.

Felix - 1998

The adverts for Felix catfood, animated in Black and white, have been used to advertise the brand for a very long time now, albeit updated and tweaked in style over the years. This shows a variant from 1998.

Ford - 1992

Possible references to Day of the Triffids in this advert for the Escort XR3i? Well it's a car advert at the end of the day, so it's anyone's guess!

Ford Escort (Groundhog Day Special) - 1996

A special Ford advert broadcast during the ITV Movie Premiere of Groundhog Day in 1996. Asking the question 'What do you do in yours'... but over and over again.

Ford - 2001

... and now for Ford in 2001!

Flora - 1998

Richard Wilson (star of One Foot in The Grave) remembers a Golden Childhood as he eats his Flora Buttery.

Fosters - 1984

One of a series of ads in the eighties for Fosters starring Paul Hogan. Clip courtesy of Iam Burn.

Fosters - Xmas 1987

Mr Hogan at a Christmas party for this Fosters ad. With thanks to Iam again.

Fosters - 1997

One of several 'Jickle it you wrigglers' ads from the late 90s. The subject this time; rage! Clip courtesy of Iam Burn.

Freepages - 1997

Very yellow looking, but definitely not the Yellow Pages... It's Freepages from 1997. The company would later become Scoot, quickly peaking during the dotcom bubble, before just as quickly fizzling out to a shadow of its former self as that bubble burst.

Friends - 1995

In the days before the internet, the UK had the 'Friends' phone service. A pre-recorded premium rate line chat line people could call presumably to cure insomnia or something similar. For the majority of the 90s, this service was one of the few advertisers almost singlehandedly funding the overnight service on ITV.

Friends in Space - 1995

And just incase the main Friends service didn't quite float your boat, here's Friends... In Space! Now for the next question - does anyone want to own up to ever actually calling this service?

Frosties - 1995

A single woman tells of her obsession with Kellogg's Frosties, and how it's gotten her into some embarrassing situations in the past.

Fruit 'n' Fibre - 1986

A Fruit 'n' Fibre advert from 1986, featuring surreal surroundings. Clip thanks to Iam again.

Fruit 'n' Fibre - 1990

Continuing the surreal idea of the last ad in a moment he'd probably like to forget, a young Ross Kemp stars in this jolly advert for Fruit and Fibre in 1990, based around a golfcourse on the med. Courtesy of Matt Richings.

Fruit Pastilles - 1991

An animated advert for Fruit Pastilles from 1991 and.... mmm... you just can't help chewing. Then for some unexplained reason typing that you're chewing out loud.

Galaxy - 1992

An advert from 1992 for Galaxy, although the use of softened picture and shades of brown was consistent across their campaigns for so many years, it could have been picked from almost any year and still not looked out of place.

Galaxy - 1997

Too disorganised to finish that chocolate bar before all your friends arrive? Fine, just break the lift and make them all walk up flights of stairs instead!

Golden Crackles - 1991

Two adverts here for Kellogg's cereals in 1991, that have since been dropped from the market in the UK. Both of them with the word 'Golden' in the name. This first one is for Golden Crackles...

Golden Oatmeal Crisp - 1991

...and this one is for another defunct cereal, known as Golden Oatmeal Crisp!

Guinness - 1992

Rutger Hauer stars in another surreal Guinness advert from 1992, showing us how to bring just a little bit of art to life in the process.

Guinness - 1993

3 more ads for Guinness now, all courtesy of Iam Burn. First another of the long running strange adverts from the early 90s featuring Rutger Hauer. Once again the point of which is lost on my simple mind!

Guinness - 1997

This 1997 Guinness ad was one of a series quoting silly statistics, concluding with Vic Reeves stating that '88.2% of statistics are made up on the spot'.

Guinness - 2004

A 2004 ad with some people lost in the dark, with only moths to guide them towards the light. Courtesy of Iam.

Guinness Bitter - 1995

Not quite Guinness... it's Guinness Draught Bitter this time. You have to endure the rough, to appreciate the smooth.

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