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7Up - 1992

Appearing in 1992 to advertise 7Up and attempt to appeal to the 'hip' youth demographic is Fido Dido - a character created by Joanna Ferrone and Sue Rose some years previous.

Abbey National - 1986

An Abbey National ad from the eighties... ooh remember those interest rates though! Clip thanks to Iam Burn.

Action for Jobs - 1987

During the 80s, when unemployment was at a terribly high rate, the ever-helpful UK government brought out... a leaflet. Perhaps not a brilliant scheme, but the overexagerrated screaming makes this an interesting ad. Courtesy of Iam Burn.

All Bran - 1992

Back from the days when describing yourself as a 'great fibre provider' wouldn't instantly bring you under the eyes of Ofcom, Kellogg's tell us just how much you'd need to eat to get the same amount of fibre as a bowl of All Bran.

All Bran - 1997

5 years later and the advertising has gotten a bit more active, although the 'great fibre provider' tagline has remained.

Allinson Bread - 1993

Allinson reminding us in no uncertain terms that 'Its bread wi' nowt taken 'owt'... (and they dont make Brown!)

Alive Yoghurts - 1992

Cool it brothers - it's 3am. The yoghurts are having a party downstairs but it's keeping the fridge magnets awake. Hey I only commentate on these things, I don't write the advert script!

Ambrosia Devon Custard - 1991

Oh no, someone's stolen all the Ambrosia Devon cows! In true Famous Five style, the group have to solve this mystery quickly or there'll be no Ambrosia Devon Custard for anyone. Keep your eyes peeled for the textual jokes scattered throughout this one.

Amstrad PC 1512 - 1987

Back from the days when Lord Sugar's company made more than just Sky boxes, this man has £450 to spend a computer, so why not buy himself an Amstrad? In a throwback to The Generation Game. Courtesy of Iam Burn.

Anchor Butter - 1993

The anchor cows sing, as they do battle against the evil lawnmower taking all of their grass. There's some serious stuff going down in fields these days!

Anchor Butter - 1994

1994, and the cows sing a different song. In my opinion, much poorer than the '93 version above!

Argos - 1987

An Argos ad from the late 80s... with a song telling us how 'it's so easy' to shop with them. Thanks to Iam Burn for this.

Asda - 1991

An advert for Asda from the very early 90s. At the time the chain was undergoing a lot of financial issues behind the scenes, but it didn't stop them knocking 9p off a tin of soup!

Babycham - 1984

Who wouldn't want one of these as a pet then? A jolly little animation, advertising the drink Babycham in the 1980's, with their famous animated character.

Baby Shampoo - 1989

An advert for Johnson's Baby Shampoo, advertising it as 'for the whole family'. Come to think of it, they've always promoted the shampoo this way! Why didn't they just call it 'Family Shampoo' in the first place!

Baby Shampoo - 1997

A later advert for the same shampoo!

Barclays - 1991

An old advert for Barclays Bank in 1991, featuring the Ghost of the Headless Baron(Well, sort of!)

Barclaycard - 1995

Throughout the nineties, to promote their credit card, Barclays commissioned several adverts starring Rowan Atkinson as a bungling agent for the fictional government department MI7 alongside his sidekick 'Bough' who would usually come to the rescue with his Barclaycard. The idea behind this was to form the basis for Atkinson's later film Johnny English in 2003.

Barclaycard - 1997

The daily routine of a man who's house is falling to bits is shown in this Barclaycard ad, with the slogan 'Dont put it off, put it on!'.

Barclaycard - 2001

Another advert for Barclaycard, this time in 2001. By now, its now Angus Deayton at the helm!

Best Scotch - 1990

The States - Nice Place, shame aboot the beer! One of several similar-style ads for McEwans Best Scotch from 1990. There's a hilarious song, which a lot of local knowledge references which probably make much more sense to those from the North East. Thanks to Iam Burn for this.

Bisto - 1992

Discussing parents either getting back together or remarrying... over a nice meal with Bisto gravy naturally.

Bisto - 1997

Julie Walters stars in this humorous Advert for Bisto from the late 90s. Clip courtesy of Iam Burn.

Bisto Chicken - 1997

Julie Walters again, this time getting tongue-tied over new Chicken flavour Bisto. Thanks to Iam Burn.

Boddingtons - 1997

A famous ad for Boddingtons from the 90s. In a spoof of all those stylish trainer ads, an athlete runs through the desert to catch up with an Ice Cream truck driven by Melanie Sykes. Clip thanks to Iam Burn.

Boddingtons - 2001

A 2001 Boddingtons where that cow who's supposedly male(with an udder?) teaches us pint survival during parachute failure. Thanks again to Iam.

Boots - Christmas 1991

The run up to Christmas 1991, and the festive advert style from Boots that year followed an animated style for Santa and his friendly elves, who look like the remaining members of a comeback tour for the seven dwarves.

Boots - Christmas 1995

A few years later and Boots are now using live action for their Christmas campaign. Although in those 4 years their actual selection of gifts doesn't appear to have changed massively!

Boots - 1996

1996 and a non-festive advert for Boots. The 'Someone Cares' advertising style present in the 1995 Christmas campaign continues through to their summer range.

Bradford & Bingley - 1991

Mrs Collins wouldn't just trust anyone, so she certainly knows who to trust with their important financial needs - The Bradford & Bingley. I wonder how that one panned out for her in the long term!

British Airways - Christmas 1992

From Christmas 1992, and British Airways let everyone know how special they make people feel... and apparently how their staff are some sort of giant omnipotent Gods in the sky! All whilst showing considerably more shots of sailing boats than of any planes.

BT Share Offer - 1993

1993, and Mel Smith is enlisted to promote the BT share offer. Thanks again to Iam.

Carling - 2001

An advert for Carling, where a bloke just walks home through a pretty normal world, with naked receptionists, talking dogs, and people herding animals on stairs. The tagline for this advert, one of several different words in use during the campaign, is 'Amazing'.

Cesar - 1993

One of the many dogfoods to come out of the Masterfoods department of Mars, Cesar has always been positioned as their more 'upmarket food for smaller dogs' range. And this advert from 1993 is no exception.

Churchill Insurance - 1996

The original and well known nodding dog advert for Churchill, voiced by Reeves and Mortimer. Clip courtesy of Iam Burn.

Churchill Insurance - 2002

Are you eating a sweet? Yep, Still with the same voices, a 2002 Churchill ad now. Once again thanks to Iam.

Churchill Insurance - 2004

A new ad for Churchill, appearing in 2004, whereby we find out Churchill is no good at saving the Earth from an alien invasion... but is quite good at saving money on car insurance. How exactly we could still use our cars if the human race had been overthrown by aliens is another story! Clip thanks to Iam.

Classic Cigars - 1990

Advertising cigarettes on UK television was banned back in the 60s, however Cigar advertising continued to be permitted through to 1991. Here's one of those adverts aired quite close to the eventual banning, featuring Russ Abbot clay pigeon shooting. (There's also another famous face at the end, if you watch closely)

Club - 1984

Advertising Jacob's Club in 1984. Starting by showing things going wrong for various groups of people, the song then invites everyone to 'come and be a member of the Club fanclub' instead.

Club - 1987

A classic club ad from 1987, featuring a remarkable recreation of the famous Wizard of Oz, only this time singing and dancing about Club. Watch out for an early appearance of the well known 'if you like a lotta chocolate' slogan too. Clip courtesy of Iam.

Club - 1994

A later, and much more well known advert for Club. Most people can probably remember this one!! (Hint: "If you like alot of chocolate on your biscuit, join our...")

Colgate - 1994

Tom and Jerry feature in this Colgate Toothpaste advert from 1994. Courtesy of Iam Burn.

Copperhead Cider - 1986

A warped advert from 1986 for Copperhead Cider. Featuring the slogan 'knock it on the head', it has one of those songs you'll either love or hate! Another one thanks to Iam.

Cornetto - 1992

A well loved and well remembered advert from Walls for Cornetto. This particular broadcast was shown on TV in 1992, although the advert remained in frequent use in cinemas for several years afterwards!

Corn Flakes - 1991

From 1991, and Kellogg's remind us all that one of the first things you want to do after that wedding is to have a bowl of Kellogg's Corn Flakes.

Corn Flakes - 1997

'Oh what a beautiful mooooorrrrrnnnniing....' -as the Sunshine choir would say. This advert was adapted slightly for use on Channel 5, when it first launched, showing the Corn Flakes ads for when ITV and C4 launched, then this one!

Courts - 1997

Remembering the legendary Bruce Forsyth who could turn his hand to anything, here he appears dressed as a judge in 1997 to promote the Courts furniture store. Courts ultimately folded in the UK in 2004, although stores under the name continue to trade in some other countries.

Creme Egg - 1993

A 1993 ad for Cadbury's Creme Egg, with people from different starsigns telling others how they do it! (no inuendo intended!!)

Creme Egg - 1997

Matt Lucas (aka George Dawes) stars in this ad, asking people 'How will you eat yours?'. Clip courtesy of Iam Burn.

Crunchy Nut Cornflakes - 1995

A friendly lesson from 1995 from Kellogg's on just how hard you're making it for the removal men if you're obsessed with eating endless bowls of Crunchy Nut Cornflakes.

Crime (Together We'll Crack It) - 1991

An ad from 1990 encouraging people to secure their houses against criminals. Thanks again to Iam for this.

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