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~ Granada Television - 1956-2002 ~
Granada Television has served the North of England since the earliest days of ITV in 1956, making it one of the oldest companies on the network. Whereas it originally used to broadcast to most of the North, it's broadcast region was fixed to the North West in 1968, where it has remained ever since. Sadly in recent times, Granada has abandoned many of it's regional roots in favour of becoming a massive international media company, and dominating the ITV Network. To this end, even the Granada name disappeared from ITV from October 2002, being concentrated on as an international production brand solely.

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Granada 1988
A static Granada ident from 1988.

Granada Clock 1988
The accompanying clock from 1988.

Granada 1991
Into the 90s, and the first of several stripe idents from Granada. Pretty basic in appearance, but at least it's animated.

Granada 1992
1992, and another stripe ident. This time things have improved, with much better Computer Generated animation. A very similar jingle though.

Granada 2001 Daytime
Jumping forward to 2001. By now, Granada own most of the Northern Regions, and are operating out of Yorkshire's studios in Leeds, rather than their home in Manchester. They happily implemented the Generic ITV look across all their regions. This is the daytime variant of the hearts ident.

Granada 2001 Lines
The generic lines version of the ITV Granada ident.

Granada August 2001
Having been so keen to introduce the Generic idents in the first place, Granada showed no hesitation in introducing ITV1 branding in August 2001. They also brought in this shorter version of the lines ident, without the full formup music.

Granada 2002
The full version of the ITV hearts ident was still used after the ITV1 rebrand, but very rarely. Still, here it is in all it's *cough* glory! This was used right up until the end of regional presentation from the North.

ITV1 Granada From October 2002...

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