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Renault Scenic - 1998
One of the early 'Change your Scenary' ads, with the 'Things Could be Marvellous...' tune! Quality of the clip fixed as of Revision 12.

Rocky Bars - 1995
And another one I think you'll remember. This time it's for Rocky biscuits, with the famous Rocky Robin.

Rolo - 1998
A 1998 ad for Rolo. Made to look a little older, we see the Lone Ranger, Tonto and Silver all wanting the last Rolo. Clip courtesy of Iam Burn.

Roses - 1992
Say thank you with a box of roses... awww! This is one of the Roses adverts you can probably remember, although I'd still like to know what the bloke in the car was doing with a box of Roses in the Glove compartment in the first place!!

Shredded Wheat - 1997
Where did Bet go after leaving Coronation Street? Well she did star in this Shredded Wheat advert, but then disappeared!

Skol Lager - 1986
A classic Skol Lager ad from 1986. Containing Hagar The Horrible (who Skol used for a while) we hear a brief rendition of the Skol song (sung to the tune of Monty Python's Spam Song). Clip courtesy of Iam Burn.

Smarties Mini Eggs - 1997
Smarties.... the eggs that wont be beaten. Thanks to Iam again for this.

Smoking Quitline - 1993
John Cleese encourages the country to Quit Smoking in 1993.

Stella Artois - 1998
The famous music which has become almost synonymous with Stella plays out over the background of a story about an expensive pair of shoes.

Strong Mints - 1986
Oh no... an iceberg! What will we do? A funny little Titanic spoof, starring David Swift, advertising Trebor's Extra Strong Mints in the mid 80s. Courtesy of Iam Burn.

Surf - 1995
This is one of the earlier Surf adverts featuring actors Pauline and Linda, of Birds of a Feather fame. Here they discuss the virtues one requires in a washing powder!

Tango (Vote Orange) - 1997
Okay dont kill me... its an advert for Tango. Tango ads have earned the reputation over the years for being... well pointless! This was one of a series of ads shown around the time of the General Election, and designed to look like a political campaign. This one urges us to vote for Orange Tango. Courtesy of Iam Burn.

Tango (Clowns) - 1997
Later on in 1997, and we learn how Tango is helping bring Clowns back into society with the use of large orange trucks.... nice!

Tango - 1998
And then the equally pointless follow-up ad. Basically, 'the boss' tells the person responsible for the clowns ad that people 'didn't get it', and proceeds to teach him a lesson! Take a look at the poor marketing guy, and see if you can work out why, since the summer of 2002, I dont trust Burger King anymore!

Tango - 2001
A rather funny advert for Tango from 2001. The moral of the story is, if you hear voices telling you to make a pass at your future father-in-law, always ignore them!!

Tango Apple - 2003
Right up to date with Tango ads now, and they're still as insane as ever. Thanks to Iam Burn.

Tango Apple - 2004
Another Tango ad... with a FAT PIGEON! Courtesy of Iam Burn.

Tango Soda - 2003
A typically strange ad for Tango's Strange Soda. Clip courtesy of Iam Burn.

Tennents Lager - 1989
Actor Steven Hartley appears in this 90-second long advert for Tennents in 1989. The guy is probably best known for his recent appearance in The Bill as the suicidal rapist Superintendent Tom Chandler. Presumably that was not as a result of drinking the lager! Courtesy of Iam Burn.

Tetley Tea - 1997
A Tetley Tea advert from 1997. This was one of the last to feature the Tetley Tea Folk, before they were abolished. Clip courtesy of Iam Burn.

Tigra - 1995
The Tigra From Vauxhall... Fun.... if you like that sort of thing!!

Toblerone - 1997
Toblerone... made from Triangular Almonds from Triangular Trees, and Triangular Honey from Triangular Bees! That's a lot of Triangles. =:) Clip thanks to Iam Burn.

Transit - 2001
A nice advert for the Ford Transit in 2001, mainly due to the choice of music to accompany it. This advert originally started out with the slogan 'Transit - The Backbone of Britain' but, as this ad shows, was later changed to the less imaginative 'Job Done' for some reason.

TSB - 1984
TSB... The Bank that likes to say 'Yes'! This cheerful little ad from the 80s features this catchy little song for TSB, showing people earning loads of cash. Clip Courtesy of Iam Burn.

TSB - 1993
Another ad from 'The Bank that likes to say yes', this time featuring clips from films in order to promote their free cinema tickets offer. Clip Courtesy of Iam Burn.

TV Times - 1984
An ad for TV Times from 1984. These ads all but disappeared after TV Listings were fully opened up in the 90s. Up until then, only the Radio Times carried the BBC, whilst TV Times carried ITV/Channel 4. Clip thanks to Iam Burn.

Twix - 1997
The first of 2 Twix ads from the late 90s featuring sensible 'Norm'. In this one, the guy is thinking of buying a sporty red car. Thanks to Iam Burn again.

Twix V2 - 1997
In the second version, Norm turns up during clothes shopping. Also thanks to Iam for this.

Typhoo Tea - 1993
A brief ad for Typhoo One Cup, mixing colour and black and white footage. Clip Courtesy of Iam Burn.

Vitalite - 1993
Woaaaahhh-ohhh! Vitalite... That's right!! Okay, so my singing impression there was terrible, but Im sure you recognise what Im getting at!!

Wall Bangers - 1993
A animated cavemen family bang on the walls to advertise new Wall Bangers from er... Walls. Clip Courtesy of Iam Burn.

Weetabix - 1987
A parody of Indiana Jones for this Weetabix ad from 1987, featuring those lovable Weetabix characters. Clip courtesy of Iam Burn.

Weetabix - 1990
A nice and humourous little advert for Weetabix from the end of 1990, based around the story of Troy.

Wispa - 1993
A tongue twisting song for Cadbury's Wispa from 1993. This was in the days before Cadbury strangely decided to abolish the bars and established brand in favour of 'Cadbury Dairy Milk with Bubbles'. Clip Courtesy of Iam Burn.

Worthingtons - 1997
Harry Enfield stars as a female fashion designer in this 1997 Worthingtons ad, which lightheartedly pokes fun at the industry. Clip thanks to Iam Burn.

Worthingtons - 1998
Why is a man's head so full of boring old rubbish? er... its the question everyone asks!!

Worthingtons - 2001
Suggs (aka Graham McPherson) recites Rudyard Kipling in this 2001 ad for Worthingtons. Thanks again to Iam.

Yellow Pages - 1994
A selection of clips from all the past Yellow Pages ads was shown as part of this ad for New Year 1994. Thanks to Iam Burn for this ad.

Yellow Pages - Xmas 1997
I suspect you may be able to remember this ad, as its been on every year now for about the last decade. Its the Christmas Yellow Pages ad. This version is from 1997(ie, before the ad was cropped for widescreen, and the slogan 'Good Old Yellow Pages' was dropped)

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All the Companies concerned in the adverts (Too many to mention)

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